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Commerical metal roofing

Touch-up Paint Steps for Metal Panels

Metal roofing and siding is an extremely durable solution for home and building owners. However, life happens. Scratches, nicks, and other imperfections can...

Custom metal brings dream house

Custom Metal: Bringing a Dream Home to Life

Shannon Schad began his career in residential construction at age 15 alongside his dad in the Black Hills of South Dakota. After a...

Galvalume steel featured

Metal Roofing & Rust: Key Insights You Need to Know

Metal roofs have become one of the most popular roofing solutions on the market today. Homeowners, commercial building owners, and more love its...

Using the bone structure system

Project Highlight: DWELL Bridge House

Project overview Project: Bridge House Builder/Designer: Dan Brunn Architecture & MODAA Construction Materials Used: 7/8″ Corrugated Fence in A606 finish Unconventional, innovative, and embodying the latest technology, the...

SL nail strip

Preventative Maintenance for Metal Panels on Your Roof

One of steel’s most appealing qualities is its low maintenance. Unlike other materials, metal panels don’t require annual sealing like wood or annual...

Metal panel roof to wall

Roof to Wall Transitions with Metal Panels

Designing a seamless roof-to-wall transition with metal panels allows you to create a stunning and unique waterfall effect. This design element is extremely...

Big sky vacation rentals in Montana

Project Highlight: Big Sky Vacation Rentals

Project Overview Project: Big Sky Vacation Rental Materials Used: 7.2 Structural Box Rib Metal Siding & Custom Flat Panels in Truten™ A606 Metal Entry Accent Representing Big Sky and Moonlight...

Vintage finish

Ultimate Guide to Commercial Steel Panels

Commercial buildings require a lot from their building materials — high performance, structural integrity, and stunning designs. Steel panels are the perfect option...

Replace roof

3 Tips to Decide whether to Replace Your Metal Roof

Have you been putting off replacing your roof? Neglecting to replace your roof can cause issues with your home’s appearance, function, and value....

Bonderized shiplap wall

A Comprehensive Guide to Performance Considerations for Metal Siding

Metal panels have a well-known history of being durable, long-lasting products with some examples lasting centuries (copper) and most lasting well past 50...