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About us brings under-reported and local news to a national and global audience to drive the day’s conversation beyond the narrow scope of mainstream outlets. Highlighting the far-reaching issues of importance along with the completely absurd, Latest delivers all the day’s headlines in a succinct and affable format to a diverse audience of newsreaders craving reporting that both informs and stimulates. has a varied crew of experienced reporters and columnists based on the east coast, west coast, and Canada, who have been published in some of the largest news outlets in the country. With a unique passion for the truth and a collective disapproval of the status quo, we strive to offer our readers informative stories that put the news in perspective and challenge prevailing views.

Our Sections



In this section, where we unravel the wonders of Artificial Intelligence. We explore cutting-edge technologies, delve into AI’s impact on daily life, and navigate the ethical considerations shaping the future of this transformative field. Stay informed and engaged with the latest trends and discussions in the realm of artificial intelligence.


Yara sustainability inpecting stalks

This section includes information and developments related to the farming industry, rural activities, and agribusiness. We update on production, livestock farming, agricultural technology, sustainable development practices, and the impact of environmental factors on agriculture.


Electronic technology supply chain

Step into the world of Electronics with our dedicated section. From the latest innovations to in-depth analyses of electronic components and systems, we bring you a comprehensive exploration of the rapidly evolving field. Stay connected to the pulse of technology as we unravel the intricacies and advancements shaping the electronic landscape.


Renewable energy

Embark on a journey through the diverse landscape of Energy in our exclusive section. Uncover the latest advancements, policy dynamics, and emerging trends that influence the ever-evolving energy sector. From green innovations to geopolitical implications, our Energy column is your guide to understanding the intricate dynamics and transformative developments shaping the future of global energy.


Battery energy storage systems

In this section, we update stories related to engineering, which involves engineering disciplines, including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and more.



This section helps you know all about the latest related to industrial and manufacturing, covering a broad range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy, and technology.


Humanoid robotics

Robotics news updates related to advancements in robotic technology, breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, developments in automation, and the integration of robots into various industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and service sectors.

Meet the Team


Chloe, an investigative journalist, brings much experience to news reporting. With a keen eye for detail and uncovering the truth, her articles delve deep into current affairs, providing readers with comprehensive and unbiased insights.


Dolly is our dedicated breaking news specialist, delivering real-time updates on significant events around the globe. Her prompt and concise reporting ensures readers stay informed about the latest developments as they unfold.


Eva, our trend analyst and culture reporter, keeps a finger on the pulse of societal shifts and emerging trends. From lifestyle to entertainment, her articles provide a snapshot of the trends shaping contemporary culture.


Christine is an opinion columnist and thought leader, offering insight into current issues. With a deep, analytical and engaging writing style, her columns provoke thoughtful discussion and encourage readers to consider multiple points of view.


Luther, our tech and science correspondent, delivers breaking news on the latest technological advancements and scientific discoveries. His ability to translate complex topics into accessible stories keeps readers informed about the ever-evolving world of innovation.


Ryan, a technology news editor specializing in reporting the latest developments and trends in the technology industry. He has an extensive background and deep expertise in journalism to provide readers with in-depth and clear technology coverage.