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CES 2024

CES 2024: Artificial Intelligence Dominates Tech Trends

From a fitness treadmill designed for manual wheelchairs to the first companion robot equipped with Chat GPT (10.800, 0.00, 0.00%)… This week, over...

Graphene material

World’s First Functional Semiconductor Made from Graphene

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the US have created the world's first functional semiconductor made from graphene. The breakthrough opens...

Snapdragon XR2+

Apple’s Impact Spurs Innovation: Qualcomm Rolls Out Enhanced Chip for Mixed Reality Headsets

Amid Apple’s upcoming release of the Vision Pro headset this spring, Qualcomm introduces an upgraded chip for mixed reality (MR) headsets, leveraging the...

Uruguay renewable energy

Uruguay Takes Strides in Energy Transformation

In the 20th century, Uruguay heavily relied on fossil fuels for electricity generation, and the cost of importing fossil fuels once reached 2%...

Beef cattle

Global Beef Prices Expected to Rise in 2024

According to Rabobank‘s latest Global Beef Quarterly Report, U.S. beef prices are high and production is declining, while southern hemisphere beef production is...


Japan Earthquake Forces Emergency Shutdown of Semiconductor Factories

According to the latest investigation of the impact of the earthquake in Noto, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, the surrounding area includes MLCC factory TAIYO...

Traction inverters

Innovative Drive: 3 Elements Shaping Next-Gen EV Traction Inverters

The role of the traction inverter is to convert the high-voltage DC from the EV battery to the AC required by the motor....


Backside Power Innovation: New Technology from Intel at IEDM2023

As Moore's Law continues to advance, transistors are getting smaller and denser, with more layers in the stack. At this point, the details...


China Surges as the World’s Largest Robot Market: Exploring the Future of Robotics

China Dominates the Global Industrial Robot Market for Ten Consecutive Years According to a report by China News Network, the 2023 China Robotics...

Energy industry

What Significant Changes Await the Future Energy Sector

How Does Technological Innovation Affect the Development of Green Energy? The term “green energy” has gradually become a focal point in response to...