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GSMC: Global shrimp production may fall by 1% in 2024

The Global Seafood Market Conference (GSMC), organized by the National Fisheries Institute (NFI), was recently held in Orlando, Florida, USA. In his keynote...

Bill Gates and Sam Altman

Insights from Bill Gates and Sam Altman on the Regulation of Artificial Intelligence

They discussed various topics, including artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, and the entrepreneurial journey of OpenAI. The conversation between these two tech giants provided insights...

Global market

Tomato Global Market Report

High temperatures, high production and labor costs, and volatile prices are key features of the current global tomato market. In the Netherlands, tomato...

India supply chain of apple

Tariff Trim: India’s Move Could Turn Apple into the Biggest Winner in Smartphone Market

Two Indian officials stated that the government is exploring the reduction of import tariffs on key components of high-end smartphones, potentially favoring companies...

openAI launches GPT store

Exciting Start to the Year: OpenAI Launches GPT Store and New Product for Enterprise Clients

On Wednesday, OpenAI launched two new products and services: GPT Store and ChatGPT Team. GPT Store, also known as GPTs, is akin to...

Functional semiconductor using graphene

Revolutionary Semiconductor: Graphene Exhibits 10x Electron Mobility of Silicon in Groundbreaking Development

Scientists, both domestic and international, have developed the world’s first functional semiconductor using graphene, with the electron mobility of the graphene semiconductor being...


UPL Unveils Bioinsecticide ‘Tackler’ in the Brazilian Market

UPL says Tackler acts directly on pests without any effect on plants or harmful residues. The biocide’s label indicates that the product is...

Japan CCUS

Concerns Rise as Japan’s Fossil Fuel Support Hinders Southeast Asia’s Renewable Energy Goals

Recently, several environmental organizations in Southeast Asia have protested against the energy transition cooperation between Southeast Asia and Japan, urging Southeast Asian countries...

Biorobotic heart

Advancements in Bio-Robotics: Beating Heart Mimics Valve Functionality

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have combined a biological heart with a silicone robot pump to create a biohybrid robotic...

Collaborative robots

Rising Role of Collaborative Robots in Factory Automation

Robots have been in the industry for decades, but technological innovation is driving a whole new wave of factory automation trends. For small...