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Google gemini

Google Plans to Embed Advanced Models into Android Phones Next Year

Smartphone manufacturers hope to usher in a new “super cycle” for the mobile industry with the help of AI. They are betting on...


Joint Statement by Experts in Taiwan Industry: US CHIPS Act Harms Taiwan

Recently, Lin Benjian, former Deputy General Manager of Research and Development at TSMC, and former Director-General of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) Shih...

Chip manufacturing

Obstacles Hinder Expansion Plans for U.S. Chip Manufacturing

The latest reports that just as the Biden administration begins to allocate funds to stimulate domestic production, there are delays in the completion...

AI trends

Must-Know AI Major Trends for Engineers in 2024

As AI becomes more widely used across industries, it will continue to have a profound impact on the development and progress of human...

Trump brain

Trump Brags That China Has ‘Total Respect’ for His ‘Very, Very Large Brain’

President Donald Trump claimed that China has “total respect” for his “very, very large brain” during a press conference Wednesday. CNBC reporter Eamon...

Make in India

India Slashes Import Tariffs on Smartphone Components to 10%

According to reports, the Indian Prime Minister Modi’s government recently announced a reduction in tariffs on plastic and metal mechanical parts, SIM card...


Senate Contacts Michael Avenatti After He Claims to Represent Woman With Credible Kavanaugh Information

The Senate Judiciary Committee has reached out to attorney Michael Avenatti after he claimed to represent a woman with information about Supreme Court...


Experts Emphasize Need for Extended Assessment in Neuralink’s Brain-Machine Interface

The professor of implantable medical devices at King’s College London believes that before Neuralink trains its system with participants, it is important to...

Neuralink technology

Historic Moment: First Human Receives Neuralink Implant, Elon Musk Reports Successful Recovery

On January 30th, Elon Musk announced on the social platform X that the first human received an implant from Neuralink, the brain-machine interface...

Two legged- biohybrid robot

Tokyo University Research Unveils Two-Legged Robot Driven by Muscle Tissue

Compared to robots, human limbs are extremely flexible, capable of fine movements and efficiently converting energy into motion. Inspired by human gait, Japanese...