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A Guide to Different Rawhide Textured Metal Finishes

7 Different rawhide textured metal finishes

Looking to make a bold statement with your metal panels? There are seven different rawhide textured metal finishes — perfect for those looking for a bit more than just a standard, painted finish. Rawhide finishes offer a stunning, textured look for roofing, siding, or interior applications. Here’s the ultimate guide to textured metal finishes. Adding a textured finish to your metal panels can create a totally new look, plus add eye-catching textures that can take your project to a whole new level.

Rustic Rawhide

Rustic Rawhide creates a beautiful, rustic look that emulates corten steel without the wait. Rustic Rawhide is the perfect choice for those looking to achieve the weathered steel look right away. With a subtle texture and gorgeous rusty-orange and patina color, this finish is perfect for making bold statements on accents or creating the perfect rustic look on full roofing or siding applications.

Burnished Slate Rawhide

Burnished Slate Rawhide is the perfect choice that you want the neutral look of a dark gray finish with a little something extra. Its subtle texture paired with a deep, modern gray color makes it perfect for almost any style. The color complements natural features like stone or wood, and makes a statement while doing so. Created with a scratch-resistant coating, this finish will be long lasting whether it’s used on the interior or exterior of your home or building.

The green building

Coal Black Rawhide

Coal Black Rawhide is a great choice for those looking to add depth and create visual interest on their projects. Depending on the lighting, this finish can look dark gray in direct sunlight, or stay true to its name in less lighting. As more modern designs continue to trend and increase in popularity, this finish will continue to be a great choice to meet the needs of those styles. This bold finish looks great against contrasting, lighter colors and other building materials, too!

2-Store Office

Dark Walnut Rawhide

Dark Walnut Rawhide is the perfect choice for rustic and traditional designs with a rich brown color and stunning texture, as well as those looking to put a twist on what classifies as modern. The dark brown finish looks stunning paired with natural stone or wood, and creates statement-making visual depth. Dark Walnut Rawhide has been tested for the tightest bends to make sure it has outstanding performance and formability without losing any style or integrity.

Corrugated Metal for Bar

Hickory Rawhide

Hickory Rawhide is the most light, neutral textured finish, which works with virtually any style home or building. It pairs perfectly with darker colored accents, or looks stunning on its own. The subtle color and texture makes the perfect complement to greenery in the exterior of a home, or wood floors in the interior. No matter if you’re aiming for modern, minimalist, or traditional looks, this finish makes a wonderful choice for all types of homes and buildings.

Residential application

Slate Gray Rawhide

Slate Gray Rawhide is the lightest gray in the textured metal colors collection. For those looking to achieve styles like contemporary, modern, or farmhouse chic, this is the finish for you! It has a simple, subtle texture that brings visual integrity to all applications — from full roofs to accents to wainscoting. The lighter gray color goes with virtually any style or theme and is the perfect neutral shade, just with the added bonus of some texture for even more visual interest!

Steel Gray Rawhide

Steel Gray Rawhide finish is a deeper and darker shade of gray, the perfect complement to almost any building material or brightly colored accent color. You can create statement-making color combinations with this finish. It’s also stunning on its own as full roofing or siding applications. The textured finish puts a nontraditional twist on the finished product, whether it’s on an interior accent wall or simple exterior wainscoting. Steel Gray Rawhide was created with a scratch-resistant coating to ensure it performs for as long as possible. Let it pop beside light colors or leave it by itself, either way, the end result will be eye-catching!


Choosing the right rawhide textured metal finish can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your project. Whether you prefer the rustic charm of Rustic Rawhide or the modern elegance of Coal Black Rawhide, each finish offers unique benefits and stunning aesthetics. Consider your design goals and the overall look you want to achieve to select the perfect textured finish. With these options, you can create a truly distinctive and eye-catching appearance for your home or building.

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