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East Coast Embraces Wild West: Great Country Timber Frames Leads Rustic Design Revolution

Timber Frame Barn

The Old West is known for its rustic charm and rugged landscapes. That is why homeowners and designers love to use the Wild West as design inspiration for residential and commercial spaces, even on the East Coast.

One company that is witnessing this first hand is Great Country Timber Frames out of Connecticut. “There’s a strong nostalgia for the West in the East Coast, where Cape-and-Colonial-style homes and businesses are the norm. From cowboys to wide open blue skies, New Englanders are fond of the West. The appeal of rustic design on the east coast is certainly in the wanting to be different.”

Owned and operated by the Skinner family, Great Country Timber Frames is headquartered in Ellington, CT. Building on a 30-year tradition of hard work and craftsmanship, Great Country Timber Frames designs and cuts timber frames and timber components for post and beam barns, garages, homes, and other timber framed buildings.

Rustic Residential

Timber Frame Home Exterior
Timber Frame Home Interior

Up in the mountains or along the river, rustic style homes are becoming a popular choice with homeowners and builders. With natural tones all around, builders like to incorporate different metals and stones to bring rustic homes to life.

With design inspiration from lodges in Wyoming, Great Country Timber Frames used a weathered steel metal roof for the entryway to emphasize the rustic charm of this home. “Upon entering the home from the timber frame portico with rusty metal roof, the owners wanted it to feel like you’re walking into a lodge in Jackson, Wyoming.”

What makes weathered steel so sought after is that that no two projects will be the same. As this metal is exposed to the elements it will begin to rust, adding instant character to homes. “Rustic accents are part of the design, notably in the rusty metal roof of the portico, reclaimed barn board on the ceiling of the great room, and field stone on the fireplace. All the different building materials help convince guests they’re on vacation out West.”

Old Western Office Space

2-Store Office

The idea behind creating an eye catching business front is to do just that; catch someone’s eye so they are interested and want to learn more. That is just what the builders at Great Country Timber Frames did with this rustic office space. “Our thoughts were if we built a western-looking building, not only would it stand out in the East, but it would also showcase our love for the West.”

With the idea of recreating an old western bank, these builders used reclaimed barn wood for siding and a rustic metal roof, with accents to make this commercial space look like it came right out of the Old West. “Steel is a great material to work with and not as many companies use it out here as much as other materials. It makes our buildings stand out.”

Along with a standing seam metal roof, this project uses corrugated metal roofing and wainscot. Corrugated metal has been around for many years, making it the perfect accent for rustic, commercial buildings. “Steel transports the building to the west. It gives an authentic Western look—unique and inspiring.”

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