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Rumour’s Coffee Shop and Wine Bar: Rapid City, SD

12 Corrugated in galvalume

Project Overview

Project: Rumour’s Coffee Shop and Wine Bar: Rapid City, SD

Contractor: Greg Peter

Materials Used: 2 – 1/2 x 1/2 Truten™A606 Corrugated (ceiling), 1 – 1/2 x 1/2 Truten™A606 Corrugated (wainscot), Custom Flat Rolled Truten™A606 Corrugated (bar).

There is nothing typical about Rumour’s Coffee Shop and Wine Bar in the Black Hills of South Dakota. That’s because there is nothing typical about co-owner Tara Little, a woman with a vision for a community gathering space that also serves coffee and a fun selection of wine and craft beers. “It’s about community, it’s laid back and fun,” explains Tara. “We are never stuffy. It’s about the people behind the bar serving the coffee instead of just the coffee itself.” Rumours serves customers excellent coffee, beer, and wine in a community based and fun atmosphere.

The Inspiration Behind Rumours

Tara first caught the coffee shop bug when she helped her close friends start their own shop in 2001 in Spearfish, SD. “It hooked me,” says Tara. “It’s something about the atmosphere and the people. I knew instantly that was what I was going to do.” After several years of running a successful drive-up kiosk, it was time to make the jump to a permanent structure and Tara had a strong vision for what she wanted.   “It had to be different, and I wanted it to reflect the history and the people of the Black Hills. We wanted something rustic but with a modern feel and definitely not a chain.” She enlisted the help of Greg Peters, a local contractor, who immediately knew he could find the material to bring her vision to life.

Achieving the Rustic Modern Look

The rustic TRUTEN™A606 metal panels give Rumours the modern rustic feel Tara was looking for. “I had used steel as a wainscot on my house and I brought her to see it. She knew immediately that was it,” says Greg. Greg and Tara decided to use rusted TrutenA606™ metal panels to give the shop that rustic look and tie into the history of the Black Hills.  

“I’m old school,” says Tara. “I think the metal is beautiful and unique and it makes us stand out from everybody else.” Mixing the metal with other mediums was important to the overall design. “We didn’t want it to feel industrial so we used the rusted metal panels on the wainscot and hand textured the wall,” explains Greg. “We also used soft paint tones and blended reclaimed wood in there to get a more comfortable and warm feel. Just changing the texture makes a nice feel with the steel.”

Corrugated for interiors

The Rusting Process and Creative Touches

They used 1- 1/4 x 1/4 corrugated TrutenA606™ for the wainscot that surrounds the wall and 2 – 1/2 x 1/2 corrugated TrutenA606™ metal panels for the ceiling. TrutenA606™ is a bare material that is coated to create a rusted finish with exposure to the elements. Because most of the metal panels were inside, Greg and Tara rusted the panels themselves with a mixture of peroxide. “We really got to play around with the rusting process,” says Greg. “Sometimes we opened up the panels to move the solution around and create a new look. We got to explore our creativity and it was a lot of fun. You can’t go wrong when you rust it because it’s always going to be unique.” Another unique feature is the bar, built with wood and rusted flat metal panels of TrutenA606™, making a truly inspirational piece that ties in perfectly with the theme of the coffee shop.

A Hub of Community and Culture

Now that the shop is completed it’s a hub of music, art and community events. People seem to love the comfortable and rustic space. “People come in and say, ‘isn’t that something you put on the outside of a barn?’ and I say ‘yeah, but there is so much more that you can do with steel,” says Tara. “They just love the look.” Along with the corrugated metal details, the walls feature artwork from local talent and hosts live music on weekend nights. The walls are decorated in other meaningful mementos such as vinyl records from legends like Bruce Springsteen

Rumours has a series of vinyl records that were important or memorable to Tara.  The most memorable is a copy of Fleetwwod Mac’s Rumours, which the coffee shop was named for. Behind the bar hangs one of the most meaningful albums, a copy of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours.  A favorite album of Tara’s father and the inspiration for the coffee shop’s name and logo.  From the ceiling to the walls to the community feel, Rumours Coffee Shop is far from typical and the perfect spot to relax and hang out with friends and neighbors.

Corrugated bar


Rumour’s Coffee Shop and Wine Bar stands as a testament to creative vision and community spirit, offering a unique and inviting space in Rapid City. The use of rustic Truten™A606 metal panels, combined with reclaimed wood and hand-textured walls, creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that reflects the history and charm of the Black Hills. Whether you’re enjoying a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or attending a community event. Rumours provides an unforgettable experience. If you’re inspired by this project, explore more ways to incorporate metal into your designs by visiting our blog on metal interior panels.

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