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Vision Pro by Apple: The Ultimate in Entertainment Technology

Apple vision pro

Apple has announced that a series of groundbreaking entertainment experiences will be launched on the Apple Vision Pro, set to release on February 2.

Apple unveiled various streaming services and sports applications that will be available on Vision Pro at the time of its launch, including Disney+, ESPN, MLB, PGA Tour, Max, Discovery+, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, Peacock, Pluto TV, Tubi, Fubo, Crunchyroll, Red Bull TV, IMAX, TikTok, and MUBI.

According to Apple, Vision Pro features an ultra-high-resolution display with a resolution exceeding 4K TV pixels in a single eye, combined with an advanced spatial audio system. This allows users to watch new programs and movies from top streaming services like Apple TV+ in stunning Environments, offering an unprecedented spatial experience, such as “Encounter Dinosaurs.”

Applications of apple vision pro

“Apple Vision Pro is the ultimate entertainment device,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing. “Users can turn any space into the best seat in the house, enjoying personal concerts and Apple Immersive Video adventures, interacting with lifelike prehistoric creatures, or even landing on the surface of the moon using Environments. It’s unlike anything users have seen before, and we can’t wait for them to experience it themselves.”

“At Disney, we are constantly looking for new ways to combine exceptional creativity with breakthrough technology to create truly extraordinary experiences,” said Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company. “Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary platform that will bring our fans face-to-face with their favorite characters and stories while immersing them even deeper in everything Disney has to offer. We are proud to collaborate with Apple once again to bring this extraordinary new Disney experience to global audiences.”

Apple states that visionOS seamlessly integrates digital content with users’ physical spaces, providing an infinite canvas for applications, games, and other spatial experiences. Applications in visionOS can be placed anywhere in the user’s space and can be scaled to the perfect size. Users can also use Environments to change their space, featuring dynamic landscapes with realistic soundscapes that evolve automatically throughout the day. Users can open applications in Environments, allowing them to play music, audiobooks, or podcasts while gazing at the Yosemite night sky, surfing on the Haleakalā coast, or settling down to watch a movie during a storm on Hood Mountain. Users can adjust the immersion of the environment, including the volume of environmental sounds, by rotating the digital crown on Apple Vision Pro.

visionOS supports several unique technologies within the Apple ecosystem to provide a seamless entertainment experience on Apple Vision Pro. Through SharePlay, Vision Pro users can watch TV shows and movies together with users on other Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV, listen to music on Apple Music, and play games from the App Store and Apple Arcade. visionOS also introduces several new features and technologies specific to Vision Pro: users can enable Travel Mode for more stable visual effects on planes and enable Guest User to share specific applications and experiences, such as photos or Safari, with family and friends.

Apple claims that the viewing experience on Vision Pro is unparalleled: as users start watching a video, the surrounding lights automatically dim as the content approaches them. Videos can be placed anywhere in their space or within the environment for the most cinematic experience. With Environments, users can expand videos beyond the size of the room, making the screen feel 100 feet wide while maintaining frame rate and aspect ratio.

Cinema environment

Apple Vision Pro comes with the built-in Apple TV App, allowing users to watch numerous award-winning Apple original series and access the Major League Soccer (MLS) season pass, as well as a wealth of content from popular streaming apps and channels. The Apple TV App also features a Theater Environment function, enabling users to transform any space into an exclusive private theater, with options for ideal viewing positions such as balcony, front row, middle, or rear.

In addition to the rich content of the Apple TV App, users can download and play TV shows, movies, sports events, etc., through top streaming service apps, including Disney+, ESPN, MLB, PGA Tour, Max, Discovery+, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, Peacock, Pluto TV, Tubi, Fubo, Crunchyroll, Red Bull TV, IMAX, TikTok, and MUBI. Users can also watch popular online and streaming videos using browsers like Safari.

During the initial release, Apple Vision Pro users can watch over 150 3D movies from top studios worldwide, including classics and the latest releases such as “Avatar: The Way of Water,” “Dune,” “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” and “Super Mario Bros. The Movie.”

Vision pro ultra high resolution display screen

Users can watch the 3D version of eligible movies when renting or purchasing them on the Apple TV App, and users who own or purchase movies with 3D versions can watch them for free on Apple Vision Pro. Several streaming apps, including Disney+, will offer 3D versions of their latest and most popular movies at the launch of Vision Pro, releasing new 3D versions simultaneously or shortly after the standard 2D versions. Users can watch 2D and 3D movies with spatial audio and environment features, enhancing the immersive experience.

Apple claims that Vision Pro introduces a new form of entertainment called Apple Immersive Video, using 180-degree 3D 8K videos paired with spatial audio to bring viewers to the center of the story, immersing them in scenes, moments, and stories. During the initial release, users can enjoy selected immersive movies and series for free on the Apple TV App, including Alicia Keys Rehearsal Room, Faith Dickey Highwire Walking, Wildlife, and “Prehistoric Planet Immersive.”

Alicia Keys Rehearsal Room
Faith Dickey Highwire Walking
Prehistoric Planet Immersive

In addition to the new immersive experiences, users can also enjoy cutting-edge interactive entertainment exclusive to Apple Vision Pro. With “Encounter Dinosaurs,” a new free app developed by Apple and included with Vision Pro, users can explore the roaming of dinosaurs in the Cretaceous period. “Encounter Dinosaurs,” produced by Jon Favreau and inspired by his award-winning work “Prehistoric Planet,” allows users to interact with giant 3D crawling animals as if they have broken through their own physical space.

Encounter dinosaurs environment

There is more to explore on the all-new App Store, with over 1 million apps, over 250 fun games on Apple Arcade, and brand-new spatial experiences designed for VisionOS.

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