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UPL Unveils Bioinsecticide ‘Tackler’ in the Brazilian Market


UPL has exclusively revealed to AgroPages World Agrochemicals the launch of the bio-insecticide Tackler, which contains Coccidioides albicans. Tackler is said to be a new product for defense and control of pests affecting a wide range of crops. The strain used in it was developed by a research institute and has undergone extensive research showing excellent field results.

UPL says Tackler acts directly on pests without any effect on plants or harmful residues. The biocide’s label indicates that the product is recommended against whiteflies, corn yellow-winged leafhoppers, South American leaf beetles, coffee fruit beetles, and sugarcane weevils. UPL also says that “Tackler can be stored at room temperature for up to 10 months. Combined with traditional pesticides, the microbial insecticide expands the potential for pest control in crops, reducing yield losses in the context of the El Niño phenomenon, and creating an ideal environment for the spread of pests in Brazilian agriculture. ”


Rogério Castro, CEO of UPL Brazil of Indian origin, explains that UPL is a leader in pesticides and is now expanding its portfolio of biological solutions. He said, “Natural products when combined with conventional pesticides, can improve agricultural management while helping to reconfigure the sustainability of food production. ”

Mariana yama

Mariana Yama, UPL’s Brazilian Biocontrol Manager, said, “In addition to causing direct damage to plants, a wide range of pests can spread pathogens that can further exacerbate the damage. Tackler works on target pests across the entire life stage from wake-lids to adults and has high dispersal and reproduction under favorable environmental conditions.”

Business director

The launch is part of UPL’s Natural Plant Protection (NPP) portfolio. Giuliano Scalabrin, head of NPP’s Brazilian operations, said, “The incidence of a wide range of pests has increased exponentially over the past two years. According to consulting firm Kynetec, the growth rate is 177 percent, with a 105 percent increase in the use of biopesticides in the 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 growing seasons. Our new products stand out in this market segment for their ability to provide excellent residual control and resistance management, reducing field losses. ”

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