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Musk’s Latest: Tesla’s Optimus Robot Tackles Shirt Folding, Autonomy Challenges Remain

Tesla optimus bot gen 2

Elon Musk released a video early this morning showcasing a Tesla humanoid robot, dubbed “Optimus,” folding a shirt, which sparked skepticism among netizens who questioned the authenticity of the video.

In response, Musk clarified that the showcased Optimus robot in the video is not as impressive as it appears. Currently, Optimus cannot autonomously perform this operation, but Musk assured that it will eventually have the capability to do so independently in any environment. However, he did not disclose when Optimus would acquire this ability.

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The video Musk released depicts the Tesla Optimus standing beside a table, slowly folding a black shirt without apparent external assistance. It’s noted that Musk, when releasing the video, simply stated, “Optimus folding a shirt,” but it now seems that this operation requires specific conditions to be met, likely running a pre-set fixed program at the moment.

Tesla ultimately envisions humanoid robots like Optimus assisting in car manufacturing, but this capability is not currently realized. When Tesla first introduced Optimus, it seemed to be an immature idea from Musk, even using a dancer disguised as a robot for promotional purposes.

Tesla optimus gen 2

In a demonstration video of the new generation Optimus Gen 2 prototype released by Tesla last month, significant improvements were evident compared to the previous generation in various aspects.

In fact, Tesla’s presentation of robots on Artificial Intelligence Day in 2022 was not particularly impressive. At that time, Tesla had only one robot prototype that didn’t look very appealing. It could barely move and couldn’t wave to the crowd. However, the models later showcased by Tesla appeared more advanced and were capable of performing practical and useful tasks.

Tesla plans to initially deploy Optimus Gen 2 in its manufacturing facilities. Once its practicality is validated, the company will begin selling these robots. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, previously stated that Optimus is severely underestimated, with potential demand ranging from 10 billion to 20 billion units. He expressed confidence in predicting that Optimus will constitute a significant portion of Tesla’s long-term value.

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