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Exciting Start to the Year: OpenAI Launches GPT Store and New Product for Enterprise Clients

openAI launches GPT store

On Wednesday, OpenAI launched two new products and services: GPT Store and ChatGPT Team.

GPT Store, also known as GPTs, is akin to the Apple App Store in the large model space. Introduced at last year’s inaugural developer conference, GPT Store allows users to list personalized chatbots they’ve built for others to download. In simpler terms, it enables users to share and monetize custom ChatGPT assistants they’ve developed, with other users paying for their use.

The GPT Store aims to promote GPT and categorize it, making it easier for users to find the content they are looking for or discover content they didn’t know they wanted. The store includes a community leaderboard based on download popularity, where products ranking higher have more users. Users can also search by category, such as writing, lifestyle, education, etc.

Any ChatGPT Plus subscriber, paying $20 per month to OpenAI, can use it. Subscribers, even without programming expertise, can create their own GPT. OpenAI claims that its community members have already built 3 million GPTs, and a range of these is now available for download on the GPT Store. The income plan for GPT builders will soon be launched, paying U.S.-based builders based on user engagement with the tools they’ve built.

GPT Store

ChatGPT Team is OpenAI’s new product targeting enterprise customers, suitable for businesses with fewer than 150 users. It costs $25 per user per month for annual billing or $30 per user per month for monthly billing. It includes a shared workspace and allows teams to build their own GPT.

Last August, OpenAI announced the launch of ChatGPT Enterprise, which has undergone testing with over 20 companies. The enterprise version offers advanced security, data privacy protection, unlimited access to GPT-4, 32K context input support, advanced data analytics, custom options, and other advanced features, with up to twice the performance of previous versions, as well as API credits.

OpenAI’s enterprise pricing is not publicly disclosed and varies depending on the company.

ChatGPT Team and GPT Store represent new revenue streams for OpenAI, a business direction that has been brewing internally for some time. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman stated in November last year that their true business is selling intelligence. Over time, intelligent agents are expected to become a significant trend.

OpenAI originally planned to launch GPT Store in December last year, but due to Altman’s brief departure and board upheaval, the overall development progress was disrupted and temporarily put on hold.

OpenAI is one of the hottest companies in the current tech scene. As of November last year, ChatGPT had approximately 100 million weekly active users, with over 92% of Fortune 500 companies using the platform.

Analysts suggest that OpenAI’s announcement highlights its efforts to rapidly develop products to maintain a competitive edge in the AI race against competitors like Anthropic, Google, and Meta. If successful, GPT Store will mark a new era, making AI technology more accessible, useful, and profitable.

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