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Brett Kavanaugh’s New Sexual Assault Defense: I Never Had Sex in High School or For Many Years After

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh defended himself against sexual assault allegations by claiming he was a virgin through high school and beyond. Kavanaugh...


Overcoming Challenges in PLC Programming: Git-Based Software Solutions

A control system integrator uses Git-based software to increase automation and improve the efficiency and quality of onboarding new employees. Git is a...

Autonomous robots at the BMW manufacturing facility

Humanoid Robots Enter Factories, Revolutionizing Automotive Manufacturing?

Imagine this: accompanied by the mechanical roar, a group of “hands and feet” robots is tirelessly assembling car components on a production line....

New yorker writer ronan

New Yorker Writer Ronan Farrow Has Trump N-Word Tapes From The Apprentice

Investigative journalist and New Yorker writer Ronan Farrow reportedly has come into possession of the long-sought tapes on which President Trump uses racial...

Targeted therapy

Groundbreaking: AI Reveals 370 Fresh Cancer Targets, Aids in Personalized Treatment

Recently, researchers at the Wellcome Sanger Institute’s Cancer Genome Project, including Matthew J. Garnett, employed artificial intelligence (AI) methods to discover 370 new...


JetBlue Reports a Loss and Anticipates Reduced Capacity For 2024

JetBlue Airways, which posted a loss in the fourth quarter of last year and expects capacity to fall this year, is now struggling...


Apple to Debut TSMC’s 2nm Technology for the First Time!

According to the latest blog post in DigiTimes’ “Tomorrow’s Headlines” section, based on interviews with several industry insiders, Apple will be the first...

New soft robots roll

New Soft Robots Simultaneously Execute Three Actions

Researchers at North Carolina State University in the United States have designed a new soft robot. It can perform three behaviors simultaneously: rolling...

Life2vec ai

Cutting-edge AI Technology Aims to Forecast Human Lifespan

Recently, a research team from the Technical University of Denmark claims to have designed an artificial intelligence death predictor. The model, named “Life2vec,”...