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World’s First AI Engineer Born: Will Traditional Programmers Disappear?

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Programmer engineers have developed AI programs to replace themselves in coding, spelling the end of their own profession? With the birth of the world’s first AI engineer, Devin, such a scenario might be on the horizon.

Recently, there has been heated discussion about the need for programmers in the AI era, with industry leaders like Robin Li and Zhou Hongyi expressing their views. Will there still be programmers in the AI era?

World’s First AI Engineer Born

Robin Li, Chairman and CEO of Baidu, recently stated that there won’t be the profession of “programmer” in the future because, with the ability to speak, everyone can possess programming skills. He remarked, “The future programming languages will be reduced to two kinds: English and Chinese.”

Programming process of AI programmers
Many artificial intelligence experts are sharing the programming process of AI programmers on social platforms

With the development of large models, AI capabilities are becoming more astonishing, to the extent that even programming can be automated. Recently, it was reported that the world’s first AI software engineer, Devin, has been born. Devin possesses full-stack skills, capable of cloud deployment, writing low-level code, debugging, and even planning and executing complex engineering tasks that require thousands of decisions.

“The first AI engineer seems very promising. What’s impressive is that Devin can stand out in interviews at top AI companies and successfully complete tasks,” shared an AI expert on social media. Several videos of Devin programming have also been circulating on the internet.

Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, also stated recently, “In the future, we will all be able to program computers. Children are doing amazing things with AI. They don’t know how to program, they just talk to ChatGPT, which provides feedback on the correct programming methods to do this or that. So, AI communication with humans in the future is no different. This is a great contribution of the computer science industry to the world, narrowing the technological gap.”

It has been learned from LIEHUSTAR that they are also about to launch an innovative product that may change the way programmers work. Traditional programming requires programmers to possess profound programming skills, but the LIEHUSTAR AI code generator simplifies this process, allowing users to generate the required code by simply entering prompts.

Will Programmers Disappear Completely?

Regarding whether programmers will be needed in the AI era, Zhou Hongyi, the founder of 360 Group, has a different opinion. He believes that the AI era will require more programmers. “The future of computer majors and the programmer industry is still promising and has the most potential. This trend will not diminish in the next five to ten years.”

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, also stated recently that for current large language models, programming may be one of the most challenging tasks. “We cannot fully predict the future of AI. AI seems to affect many professions, including graphic designers, customer managers, doctors, industry executives, etc. So, I don’t think programmers should be singled out for discussion.”

Zhou Hongyi also stated that the future world will be redefined by software and will require more computer experts and programmers to achieve this. “The future must be interdisciplinary and cross-domain, bringing more imagination and impact. In the AI era, computer experts and programmers are more needed, and they may have the most say in various industries.”

It is worth noting that programmers are still in high demand. Many recruitment notices from Internet “giants” show that programmer engineers can easily earn tens of thousands of dollars per month, especially talents in AI and cloud computing, which are highly sought after.

According to Latest, the IT Internet industry is still a hot spot for job seekers. In terms of occupations, in the second week after the Spring Festival, front-end developers, software developers, and test engineers had the highest growth rates in application volume. Technical positions such as data engineers, mobile developers, AI engineers, and chip engineers also made it to the TOP20 list with rapid growth rates in application volume.

Although it is still unclear how intense the competition between the two sides will be, some netizens have pointed out the “advantage” of AI programmers: “Regardless of the ability of AI programmers, the key is that AI programmers can work 24 hours a day without rest.”

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