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Teen Mom Throws Newborn in Trash Because Baby Looked Like Her Ex

Teen mom

An 18-year-old Chicago high schooler has been charged with murder after she gave birth to a baby on Saturday morning and then left the newborn in a Walmart bag to die.

Ana Rosa Mora returned to bed after giving birth and then concocted a series of lies to hide the fact that he had thrown her baby boy away.

On Monday at school, where she is a senior, Mora flashed a picture of an infant she claimed was her child to staff members who had noticed the once obviously pregnant teen had given birth.

When suspicious staff members notified on-site police, though, the girl’s story about her baby started to unravel.

She told a school police officer that her child was 6 months old, something that could not possibly be true because she was pregnant at school just a few days before.

As a result of her conflicting tale, local detectives were called in and ultimately the teen was connected to an abandoned baby found dead on Saturday. She was then arrested for killing her newborn child.

Under questioning, she told police that she had thrown away the dark-haired little boy and left him on the gangway because she feared her current boyfriend would notice the resemblance to her former boyfriend, who is the actual father of the child.

When her baby was found a few hours later in a bag, he was lifeless and the umbilical cord was still attached to the infant. Medical examiners believe the child died of asphyxia and possibly exposure.

Dawn Geras, president of the Save Abandoned Babies Foundation, said that if Moras decided she did not want the child, she could have done the right thing and taken the child to any hospital, no questions asked. Instead, she said, now the teen is going to jail instead of college.

“There’s so many families out there that are literally going to bed at night praying and crying for a baby and here’s a dead one,” Geras said, pointing out the senselessness of the little boy’s death.

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