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Roof to Wall Transitions with Metal Panels

Metal panel roof to wall

Designing a seamless roof-to-wall transition with metal panels allows you to create a stunning and unique waterfall effect. This design element is extremely popular in modern style homes and buildings and is quickly becoming utilized across many different markets because of the continuous, uninterrupted lines it creates. We’re exploring how this style can be achieved using metal panels. Snap Batten panels are great for this unique installation!

Concealed Fastener Panels

With concealed fastener system metal panels, you can create the seamless transition from roof to wall on your home or building’s exterior. These panel have a versatility about them that make them a favorite for applications that are aiming to achieve a waterfall effect. Our most popular panels for this type of installation are our Snap Batten, 1.75 Tru Snap, and 2″ Mechanical Lock panels.

Snap Batten panels mimic the traditional look of wood plank board-and-batten, but with the strength and lifespan of steel. Tru Snap panels offer a seamless, clean look that makes them stunning in any environment. Mechanical Lock panels are a commercial-grade panel system, which means they provide unbelievable sturdiness with a modern twist. With all of these concealed fastener metal panel systems, you can get the style you want without having to sacrifice the durability you need. 

By aligning the ribs of these panels, you can get the smooth look of a waterfall effect from your metal roof to metal siding. This creates a seamless transition between your roof and siding that is completely watertight and provides exceptional sturdiness. If you’re looking for a modern twist on traditional building materials, Snap Batten, Mechanical Lock, or Tru Snap panels are the way to go. Especially when the waterfall effect is used, these metal panels create a truly unique aesthetic. Here’s an example of an eaveless transition using Tru Snap panels tha created for a tradeshow!

Environmental Factors to Consider

If you’re considering adding a waterfall effect with metal panels to your home or building’s exterior, there are a few environmental factors to consider.

Thermal Movement

You must consider your typical temperature changes throughout the seasons when deciding whether or not this type of installation will work for your home or building. When you live in an area that experiences drastic temperature changes throughout the day, thermal expansion and contraction of your metal panels can be a big concern. Fortunately, most of our concealed fastener metal panels utilize a unique clip system that can allow them to slightly move with the temperature changes. This takes extra stress of the metal panels and allows them to adapt with changing temperatures.

Moisture Barriers

With this type of installation, you also want to be sure you have a sturdy and unyielding moisture barrier. If you experience frequent rainfall in your area, having weather-tight metal panels is a must in order to protect your structure for years to come. Concealed fastener systems offer superior weather-tight protection. Concealed fastener systems “hide” the hardware used to secure the panels to the structure underneath the metal, so they’re not vulnerable to moisture. This helps makes them a top choice for the roof-to-wall installation.

More Details on Roof-to-Wall Transitions

Creating a seamless roof-to-wall transition with metal panels requires attention to detail and consideration of environmental factors. By choosing the right metal panel system and ensuring proper installation, you can achieve a stunning waterfall effect that adds a unique and modern touch to any building. For more information on the best metal panels for this type of installation or to get started on your project, contact a Product Specialist today.

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