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Intel Unveils Automotive Chips at 2024 CES

CES 2024

The demand for chips in the automotive industry is increasing day by day as smart and autonomous driving technologies continue to evolve. In a bid to compete for a share in the market, Intel announced a series of new initiatives aimed at competing with rivals such as Qualcomm and Nvidia.

Firstly, Intel plans to launch its latest edge AI chip for automotive applications. The chip features Intel’s latest AI technology with powerful computing capabilities and energy efficiency to meet vehicle requirements for durability and performance. By working with automakers, Intel hopes to widely apply this chip to future vehicles, bringing smarter and more efficient solutions to the automotive industry.

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To further strengthen the layout in the field of automotive semiconductors, Intel also announced that it will acquire the French startup Silicon Mobility, which focuses on the design of the system on a chip for controlling electric vehicle motors and onboard charging systems. Through the acquisition of Silicon Mobility, Intel will have access to more technology and patents, thus enhancing its competitiveness in the field of motor control and electrical conversion.

In addition, Intel also announced a partnership with Chinese automaker Zeekr. It will be the first automaker to use Intel’s on-chip artificial intelligence system to create an augmented living room experience for its vehicles. This means that the future of Zeekr cars will be equipped with AI voice assistants and video conferencing features, bringing car owners a more convenient and intelligent car experience.


However, despite Intel’s foundation and experience in the automotive semiconductor market, Intel still faces challenges from strong competitors such as Qualcomm and Nvidia in this increasingly competitive market. To maintain its leading position, Intel needs to continue to increase investment and innovation efforts to introduce more competitive products and services.

Jack Weast, head of Intel’s automotive business, said, “Intel has done a terrible job of publicizing its success in the automotive sector. We will change that.” He stressed that Intel will continue to increase investment in the field of automotive semiconductors and work with partners to promote the intelligent development of the automotive industry.

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