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How to Choose Agricultural Machinery?


In agricultural production, agricultural machinery plays an important role, with the development of agricultural mechanization and the introduction of national subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery policy, the development of the agricultural machinery market is also relatively fast, many enterprises are invested in the production of agricultural machinery to go, muddy, a mixture of good and bad, if you buy the poor quality of the agricultural machinery, may delay the valuable farm time, so pay attention to the selection of high-quality agricultural machinery.

Choose the Manufacturer

Selection of agricultural machinery, first of all, to understand the production of the main manufacturers of machinery, from which to choose relatively large-scale enterprises, research, and development capabilities of the well-known brands; before buying can also be used to the use the machinery of the farmers to investigate, and more inquiries to check, and then according to their use and economic strength to determine the model.

Check the Documents of Agricultural Machinery

To buy agricultural machinery, but also to check whether the agricultural machinery has a quality inspection certificate, product promotion license, three packages of maintenance certificates, and other documents, and check whether all the documents with the mechanical nameplate marked on the product name and model, the main technical parameters, factory number and the name of the production enterprise, address, contact telephone number consistent; read the instructions carefully, carefully check the instructions indicated on the machinery with the vehicle Carefully read the instructions, carefully check whether the tools and main accessories indicated in the manual of the machinery with the vehicle is complete, to prevent the seller from cutting corners to send fewer accessories, and resolutely refused to mention the factory date is too long, stored for a long time or return to repair the product.

The Appearance of Agricultural Machinery

Generally speaking, the product appearance quality of agricultural machinery to a certain extent reflects its intrinsic quality, before purchasing machinery should pay attention to observing the product there is no bumping, damage, paint, or signs of refurbishment, the welding parts of the weld seam gap is flat and firm, there is no oil leakage and water leakage and gas leakage phenomenon, the gap between the various parts of the consistency of casting whether there are cracks and pores and sand holes and other defects, the transmission parts of the transmission with protective measures and so on.

Test Run

For power agricultural machinery, when buying and selling must be test run first check the starting performance, to start several times to check the starting condition; followed by idling, idling at normal operating speed for more than 10 minutes to check whether the machine is running smoothly, there is no abnormal sound; after the end of the run to check the bonding surface, sealing the leakage phenomenon.

Farm machinery

Check the Operation Performance

In the actual operation of agricultural machinery, check whether the operation is flexible without deviation phenomenon, whether brake light is safe and reliable, for supporting machinery can be hand-turning machinery to check whether the rotating parts are flexible, whether there is no stagnation phenomenon.

Purchase of agricultural machinery need to pay attention to what aspects When buying agricultural machinery, in addition to the need to use some of the purchase skills, there are many things to pay attention to, such as:

For the purchase of agricultural machinery, we should choose to have a fixed place of business, complete certificates, and licenses of agricultural machinery business units. To choose good after-sales service, adequate supply of spare parts, high credibility, and good reputation among users, in the local establishment of the “three packages” service network of agricultural machinery sales company to buy.

To buy regular agricultural products, regular agricultural products generally have certificates of conformity, manuals, and product nameplates (nameplate is the product identity card, indicating that there are: production standards, models, the name and address of the manufacturer, and other information), the implementation of the national mandatory certification and production licensing of agricultural products, but also to see whether there is mandatory certification, production license mark, the state and the provincial support for the promotion and identification through the promotion of agricultural products should also be in the implements and production licenses. Agricultural machinery products should also be affixed to the machine on the promotion of an agricultural machinery identification certificate (logo).

Before buying, one should have a certain understanding of the market price of agricultural machinery, if the purchase price of agricultural machinery is far below the market price, it is necessary to consider whether there is a problem.

Part of the agricultural machinery is subsidized by the state when purchased if the requirements are met, you can apply for subsidies to the local agricultural sector.

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