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Deepfake AI

AI-Generated Deepfake Ads Spread on Social Media, Targeting Celebrities

The U.S. government has issued a warning about the rise of “deepfake” scams, urging people to take a moment to verify posts and...

Tesla optimus bot gen 2

Musk’s Latest: Tesla’s Optimus Robot Tackles Shirt Folding, Autonomy Challenges Remain

Elon Musk released a video early this morning showcasing a Tesla humanoid robot, dubbed “Optimus,” folding a shirt, which sparked skepticism among netizens...

Infrared thermal imaging

Infrared Thermal Imaging in Robotics

Thermal imaging equipment is an advanced technology that is widely used in technology. By using infrared radiation to measure the heat distribution of...


Global Energy Industry: Five Key Trends in 2024

The contracts for selling electricity from a large offshore wind power project to the state of New York have been canceled by both...

Intelligent sensing systems

Intelligent Sensing Systems Boost Machine Safety and Productivity

The development of intelligent sensing systems has opened up more opportunities to optimize the flow of goods in high-speed production environments using robust...

Mobile Aloha

Stanford Unveils New Robot “Mobile Aloha”: Is it the Dawn of the Humanoid Robot Era?

In the video, the accelerated Mobile Aloha robot smoothly executed various non-standardized tasks, including frying shrimp, cleaning the table, washing dishes, and arranging...

Robotics motor control

How MCUs Enhance System Performance in Robot Motor Control Design

Robotic systems automate repetitive tasks, undertake complex and labor-intensive operations, and work in environments that are dangerous to humans. More integrated and capable...

Zero trust

Zero Trust Networks: The Future Choice for Industrial Networks

Adopting a zero-trust approach helps protect complex OT systems and helps manufacturing and critical infrastructure reduce potential risks to cybersecurity. Ransomware and malware...

CES 2024

Intel Unveils Automotive Chips at 2024 CES

The demand for chips in the automotive industry is increasing day by day as smart and autonomous driving technologies continue to evolve. In...

Microsoft and openAI

Investment or Merger? EU Antitrust Inquiry Targets Microsoft’s OpenAI Investment

According to the latest reports from the media, Microsoft’s $13 billion investment in OpenAI is facing an investigation by the European Union. The...