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Ultimate Guide to Commercial Steel Panels

Vintage finish

Commercial buildings require a lot from their building materials — high performance, structural integrity, and stunning designs. Steel panels are the perfect option for all types of commercial buildings in all types of markets. We’re here to give you the ultimate guide to commercial steel panels.

Benefits of Metal Panels for Commercial Builds

Low Maintenance — One of the biggest advantages of commercial steel is its low maintenance qualities. Unlike wood and other materials, there’s no staining, sealing, power washing, or cleaning required. This means building owners don’t need to waste time on maintenance expenses and can focus on the more important things.

Eco-Friendly — Sustainable building is a huge and important movement in our world. Making choices that are eco-friendly are vital in the commercial building market. Not only are Bridger Steel’s panels 100% recyclable and LEED certified, but they are approved for solar panel mounting and rainwater harvesting. Choosing a green material like metal is good for more than just your building!

Life Span — The last thing you want to think about is replacing the roof or siding on your building within 10 years after you’ve installed it. Steel panels have one of the longest life spans compared to other building materials. Typically, you can expect your metal panels to last between 40-70 years and sometimes even longer. You don’t have to worry about replacing it for decades and decades to come.

High Performing — Metal panels are extremely durable and high performing. No matter if they’re used for roofing or siding, their structural integrity and strength cannot be understated. Our commercial steel panels are designed to withstand even the harshest environments and weather conditions.

Modern & Industrial Style — Steel brings a modern touch to any building. The aesthetic of metal is crisp, clean, and cool — the perfect way to entice customers or catch the eye of potential employees. No matter what style you’re aiming for, metal panels create a beautiful exterior.

Top Recommended Panels for Commercial Builds

While almost any of our metal panels can be used for commercial builds, we have a few that we recommend most often due to their structural stability and performance.

  • 3″ Trapezoidal Panel — The 3” Trapezoidal panel offers superior protection for large applications, especially in the commercial market. It works extremely well in long spans and the hidden fasteners create a bold, modern look. This roofing panel can also be installed over open purlins and is recommended for even the toughest weather conditions.
  • 2″ Mechanical Lock — This commercial grade panel can span open purlins for up to 5’ depending on load restrictions. The 2” Mechanical Lock panel makes the perfect choice for commercial applications due to its structural integrity. With the choice between fixed and floating clip systems, the adaptability of the panel makes it a favorite.
  • Tuff Rib — Considered to be our jack-of-all-trades panel, Tuff Rib is built to last. It’s able to be used for a variety of applications, and easily stands up to wind, rain, and other tough conditions. With an anti-siphon groove, the superior weather-tightness of this panel cannot be understated.

Commercial Metal Roofs Examples

Metal roofing is the perfect roofing solution for commercial builds. It can withstand tough weather conditions, including hail and wind, and lasts for decades. Plus, metal’s low maintenance is an added bonus. Here are a few examples of commercial metal roofing applications.

Tuff Rib roofing on this commercial building looks stunning.

Standing Seam roofs, like the one on this commercial building, create clean lines that are eye-catching.

Standing seam vs exposed fastener featured image

Pairing a metal roof with metal siding looks crisp and modern on this hotel’s exterior.

Hotel standing seam roofing

Commercial Metal Siding Examples

Not only does steel siding give a commercial building a modern edge, it protects it extremely well. Metal panels are the perfect choice for siding material for commercial builds because of their low maintenance and high performance qualities. Here are just a few examples of commercial steel siding applications.

Mixing different types of building materials like steel panels and brick creates a textured look on this commercial building.

7 Different rawhide textured metal finishes

The Vintage finish on this building’s metal siding looks crisp and complements the black windows.

Mixing two different colors of siding on this commercial building created a stunning look that made the sign pop.

72Box rib commercial metal siding

This commercial building’s exterior got easily modernized with the dark colored steel siding.

Metal wainscots feature image

Steel panels offer numerous benefits for commercial buildings, including low maintenance, eco-friendliness, longevity, high performance, and a modern aesthetic. Whether used for roofing or siding, steel panels provide a durable and attractive solution that can withstand harsh weather conditions and enhance the look of any commercial structure. Explore the various options and consider steel panels for your next commercial build to ensure a reliable and stylish result.

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