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Metal Siding Helps the Lark Hotel Bring a Modern Look to Main Street, Bozeman

Lark Entrance

For years the Imperial Inn, an old motor inn on Main Street in downtown Bozeman, MT, sat empty; a relic from the past. This prime piece of real estate needed a new vision and a modern direction, which is exactly what architect Eric Nelson saw when he and his business partner, architect Brian Caldwell, purchased the building.

“The first challenge was to reinvent the motor lodge style of the building into something more befitting of today,” says Nelson. The design they chose rearranges the functions of the rooms and widens the traditional Motor Inn balcony to provide more privacy for guest rooms.

Nelson and his team were inspired by several other motor lodge rehabs. They wanted to capture the spirit of Bozeman and present it with a real local feel. “Our idea was that, when someone stays at the Lark it’s not like any place USA – it’s celebrating what is best about this place.”

In order to capture the unique character of Bozeman, the team recruited the help of local artists and suppliers to enhance the designs and create an atmosphere inside and out to showcase the city’s best pieces.

Lark Upstairs

“The use of steel just made sense. Not only for the inherent ease of maintenance, but the overall aesthetic we wanted,” says Nelson. “Throughout the motel, we strove for truth in material – making sure each element fit naturally.”

Nelson and his team chose to use 12” Ultra Batten (24 Gauge Bonderized) panel for the metal siding. “Steel provides a solid feel to the building facade. We chose bonderized steel because it provides a more natural, ‘real’ feel to the building.”

The Lark Motel retains the original design of a motor lodge, but has been upgraded and the purpose has been modernized. With an entire room devoted to maps and trip planning, plenty of outdoor space to visit with friends and family, local artwork displayed throughout, and an Air Stream Taco Truck, Victory Taco, in the parking lot the Lark is sure to be a new favorite among visitors and locals alike.

Lark Exterior

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