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The Ultimate Guide to Agricultural Steel

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When it comes to protecting your farm or ranch, it’s about protecting your livelihood. There is no room for sacrificing, wasting time, or worrying about your materials not performing the way they are supposed to. Metal panels are ideal for agricultural settings — everything from roofing to fencing solutions.

Barn Metal Roofing

Utilizing metal panels on your farm or ranch can help you get the most out of your architecture. Metal barn siding, livestock enclosures, windbreak fencing, and metal roofs all work hard and perform unbelievably in these settings.

Longevity — Probably one of the most important and key benefits of metal is its lifespan. The last thing you want to think about is replacing your roof or siding on barns and other outbuildings less than 10 years after installation. With barn sheet metal, you can expect your structures to stay intact and continue performing for decades upon decades to come.

Durability — Included with agricultural steel’s lifespan is its unbeatable performance. From harsh weather environments to holding in your 1000+ pound cattle, it’s strength is the type of performance you need on a farm. It will hold up well in all types of weather conditions with ease and unlike other materials like wood, agricultural steel won’t deteriorate over time.

Low Maintenance — Whether you’re using barn metal for roofing, siding, or as a fencing solution, one thing is for sure: you won’t need to worry about maintenance. No annual cleaning or sealing, which means one less thing on your to-do list. Just install and forget about it.

Long-Term Protection — If you’re storing crops or feed indoors, barn steel can incorporate an anti-siphon groove, which leads to ultimate weather-tightness. This will protect your harvest from water and other damaging elements. This also an added benefit and especially true for those who install metal cattle windbreak fencing, as agricultural steel serves as a long term solution in regards to protecting your property and assets. During cold months in particular, metal panels provide an excellent source of protection and help keep your cattle warm.

Easy Installation — When you choose a metal barn siding or metal barn roofing option, exposed fastener systems are the way to go. They’re easy to install and are perfect for anyone looking to quickly DIY their latest project.

Best Agricultural Steel Panels

The best agricultural steel panels have a few things in common. They’re all durable, easy to install, and of course, have the lifespan you need. Here are our top-recommended panels for on the farm or ranch.

Tuff Rib

Tuff Rib is a classically chosen panel for the agricultural market. It’s extremely sturdy and was originally designed to be used in the agricultural farming industry. Not only is tuff rib designed with an anti-siphon groove to provide ultimate weather protection, but it’s also got unmatchable structural integrity. Water intrusion will be the last of your worries. This panel system is ideal for pole barns and offers a solution for crop storage, equipment storage, and more. Here’s some more information you need to know:

  • Panel Length: 3’ – 40’
  • Finished Roof/Wall Coverage: 36”
  • Available Gauges: Recommended 29 ga. (Also 26 ga.)
  • Fastener System: Exposed
  • Overbend: 5° (Ensures extremely tight overlap)
  • Wind Uplift Rating: UL Standard 580
Tuff rib agricultural steel panels
¾” Corrugated

Classic, timeless, and tough, ¾” corrugated panels are ideal for any structure on your farm or ranch. Available in affordable 29 gauge thickness, this panel will work hard and work with your budget. The corrugations in this panel will help divert imperfections and stand up well to harsh elements including hail and high-speed winds. It also includes an anti-siphon groove to ensure there’s an internal air gap to displace any moisture. Here are more ¾” corrugated panel specifications:

  • Panel Length: 3’ – 40’
  • Finished Roof/Wall Coverage: 33 ⅝”
  • Available Gauges: Recommended 29 ga. (Also 26 ga.)
  • Fastener System: Exposed
  • Overbend: 5° (Ensures extremely tight overlap)
  • Wind Uplift Rating: ASTM 1592

One of the most important things these three panels have in common is that they all have an anti-siphon groove, which is crucial for protecting crops from rain and other precipitation. Keeping your harvest dry and not having to worry about water intrusion will help you rest easy knowing you are well-protected.

Barn metal panels
34 Corrugated

When it comes to the finish on barn metal panels, it’s highly recommended to use a Galvanized finish. Galvanized metal is ideal for agricultural applications because of its zinc coating, which is high-performing, long-lasting, and resists rust in an amazing way. Corrosion can be a result of many things on a farm or ranch, including fertilizer, urea from animals, and of course, large amounts of rain or snow. The coating of resin on Galvanized barn metal will also help your panel resist damage like scuffing and scratching. The combination of this finish will keep your buildings intact for years.

Agricultural Steel In Use

From windbreak fencing to metal siding to classic metal roofs, there are multiple ways you can utilize metal panels on your property. Farm metal architectural projects are a surefire way to protect your assets. Here are a few examples of barn metal in use:

Pole Barn Tin – Barn Sheet Metal
This barn uses tuff rib panels as a metal roofing and siding solution. There’s also a ⅞” Corrugated panel wainscoting to ensure extra durability.

Corrugated Barn Tin – Barn Metal
Corrugated metal panels are ideal for windbreak fencing. They easily divert high-speed winds and help reduce snow accumulation in order to protect what matters most.

Pole Barn Steel – Pole Barn Siding Options
Tuff Rib metal siding helps protect this outbuilding from damages and water intrusion — perfect for storing your assets and other property.


This corrugated metal roof ensures ultimate protection against all types of damages. With so many benefits and options available, it’s clear that agricultural steel is an invaluable resource for modern farming and ranching. Whether you’re looking to build new structures, upgrade existing ones, or simply protect your assets more effectively, choosing the right steel panels can make all the difference. For more and latest information or to get started on your next project, contact a Product Specialist to find the best solutions tailored to your needs.

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