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Revolutionizing Exterior Design: Embracing Steel Board and Batten Panels for Timeless Style and Durability

Ultra Batten Panels

The timeless board and batten look has been a popular trend for the exteriors of homes and other buildings for decades. While you used to only be able to achieve this look with wood, today, you can easily get the board and batten style with the strength and longevity of steel. Board and batten metal panels will change the way you look at this classic siding.

What Is Board And Batten?

Historically speaking, board and batten originated as a type of siding, typically made out of wood. Board and batten creates an appearance of a layered façade, with narrow strips (batten) connecting wider boards. The alternation between wide and narrow boards creates a paneling, geometric style that has been around for years and years.

Today, the board and batten look can be achieved with more than just wood. Board and batten metal panels are becoming increasingly popular because of the way they create the desired aesthetic without all of the maintenance wood requires. Metal panels will give your siding the performance and durability you need without sacrificing the style you want.

What Types Of Batten Panels Are Available?

Bridger Steel has two Batten panel profiles available: Ultra Batten and Snap Batten. Each profile resembles a board and batten look, with just a few slight differences that make them unique from one another.

Ultra Batten

The Ultra Batten panels have bold rib designs that mimic and resemble the board and batten look. Designed with a concealed fastener and floating clip system, these panels are incredibly diverse and work well in almost any environment. These panels can withstand heavy snow and high-speed wind with ease. Here are some need-to-know facts about Ultra Batten panels:

  • Available in 22 or 24 gauge (gauge refers to the panel’s thickness)
  • Available in flat or striated variations
  • Rib height is 1 ½”
  • Finished coverage is 13 ¾” or 17 ¾”

Snap Batten

The versatile Snap Batten panel system is a modern way to achieve the board and batten look. With its flexible design and ability to use multiple coverages in one application, you can easily create a variegated look. Another amazing aspect of the Snap Batten panel is the seamless waterfall effect you can create from roofing to wall panels since the ribs can be aligned. You may want to know these facts about Snap Batten panels:

  • Available in 22, 24, or 26 gauge
  • Available in flat, striated, or variegated variations
  • Rib height is 1 ½”
  • Finished coverage are from 6” – 24”

Benefits of Board And Batten Panels

Metal board and batten siding panels have quite a few benefits when compared to other materials. Here are just a few of the advantages of this metal siding:

Low Maintenance — Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of these panels is that they require little to no maintenance. Unlike traditional wooden board and batten siding, metal will not need any annual maintenance other than a quick inspection to ensure it’s still in great condition. Pests hate it so you won’t have to worry about spraying for termites, carpenter bees, or other bugs. You also won’t need to stain or seal it every year. Just install and enjoy.

Durability & Longevity — Metal’s high-performing characteristics are another huge benefit, and steel Batten panels have these same qualities. With a typical lifespan of 40-70 years, board and batten siding will easily resist damage from weather and other elements. Even in the toughest environments, this siding will outperform most others.

Design Versatility — Although these panels are typically used to recreate the board and batten look, they can be used in a variety of different ways. Run them horizontally instead of vertically to modernize your siding with long, sleek lines. Create a variegated look with Snap Batten by combining varying coverages. Plus, with tons of colors and finishes available, the choices are limitless.

Concealed Fastener System — Both Batten panel profiles use a concealed fastener system, which means the hardware used to secure the panels to your building or home are hidden beneath the ribs. This can make installation a little more tricky, however, reduces the chances of faulty, improperly installed, or rusting fasteners. This also increases the panel’s lifespan.

Board And Batten Metal Siding Inspiration And Examples

Still not sure if Batten panels are for your next project? Take a look at these examples from to get inspired.

Ultra Batten Siding
Ultra Batten Wall
Ultra batten barn
Ultra batten commercial

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