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7 Creative Ways to Use Metal Panels inside

Metal panels inside

From accent walls to wainscoting, metal panels are finding their way inside the home. Adding metal to the interior of your home is a great way to create a unique, eye-catching look. Metal can protect the interior of your home against damages for years to come, and give any room depth and texture. There are tons of creative ways to use metal panels inside. Here will show you a few of interior metal wall panel projects and how to creatively use metal panels inside your home!

Create Accent Walls

Long gone are the days of boring, painted walls. Accent walls are one of the best ways to incorporate metal panels inside your home because they spice up any room. Using metal as a wall can also help protect your home from damages and nicks. Plus, metal is easy to clean and very low maintenance — it’s a perfect choice for a kid’s room or playroom.

Add Wainscoting

Corrugated metal wainscoting adds texture and depth to the interior of your home. Wainscot is a great way to break up a wall, add protection, and give a home a pop of modern or rustic style. Wainscoting kits make you can easily install metal wainscoting into your home. Our kits are designed with the DIYer in mind, and include everything you’ll need for installation from the panels and trim to the bits and screws.

Corrugated Metal for Wainscot

Enhance Entryways and Mudrooms

Entryways and mudrooms are often really hard to keep clean — shoes hit the walls, scuff marks happen, and of course, mud and dirt are always present. That’s why using metal in an entryway or mudroom is a perfect solution. Metal panels are easy to clean and it easily resist scuffing and scratching from shoes or boots being thrown. They also help break up a small area of the home, like an entryway, and can make it seem larger.

Upgrade Kitchen Islands and Bars

One of the most favorite ways to creatively use metal panels inside is by using them in the kitchen. From islands to bars, metal panels are the perfect material to use in a kitchen and can breathe new life into an out-dated room. The metal will be easy to clean too when inevitable spills happen. Metal panels inside a kitchen also give a modernized or rustic feel, depending on which style and color you choose.

Truten Kitchen Island

Improve Garages, Shops, and Sheds

Industrial interior steel wall panels are the perfect choice for a garage, shop, and even sheds or barns. Our industrial-strength liner metal panels are created to be high-performing. Whether you’re using them for agricultural purposes or simply in your garage, metal panels make the perfect interior material. They’re durable and ideal for hanging items and maximizing the space. Adding liner panels to the interior of your garage, shop, or shed is a great way to ensure the space holds up to any task!

Industrial interior design

Revamp Interior Ceilings

Spice up the interior of your home by adding metal panels to your ceiling. This unique look stands out and gives any home a fresh, new look. Whether you choose corrugated panels or flat panels, using metal on the interior of your home as a ceiling is sure to give your home style.

Timber Frame Barn

Transform Bathrooms

Bathrooms are the perfect room to incorporate metal panels. Since bathrooms are generally smaller, metal panels can help break up the room, add texture, and even highlight any natural light coming in, which makes the room seem larger. We’ve seen metal wainscoting, shower walls, and even just a simple metal accent be used on a bathroom in the interior of homes.

Corrugated Metal for Interior 1

No matter how you choose to incorporate metal panels on the interior of your home, they’re sure to bring a unique look inside. From accent walls to ceilings, there are tons of ways to creatively use metal panels inside your home.

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