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PoE Boosts Smart City Development

Smart city

In today’s rapidly evolving urban landscape, the rise of smart cities represents a critical shift driven by a unique blend of innovation and technology. These cities prioritize connectivity, reliability, and informed decision-making, ensuring enhanced services and safety for residents while prioritizing their comfort and well-being.

Integrated City Networks

At the heart of a smart city is an integrated network of multiple devices such as surveillance cameras, wireless access points, and sensors. These components work together to improve functionality and enhance security measures. Reliable and sustainable power supplies, coupled with energy-efficient technologies, ensure seamless operation and power optimization within the smart city infrastructure.

Embracing Smart Cities PoE

Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology has become a key enabler, facilitating the transmission of power and data over a single Ethernet cable. This integration enhances the versatility, efficiency, and reliability of a wide range of Ethernet-based devices, from wireless LAN access points to IP cameras and RFID readers. PoE’s energy-efficient design minimizes power loss during transmission and provides advanced power management features that revolutionize public Wi-Fi networks, physical security applications, and public safety access control systems.

The most commonly used devices in smart cities include IP cameras for video surveillance systems, wireless access points, 5G mini-base stations, and RFID readers for access control solutions.

Smtcity development

PoE Solutions Tailored for Smart Cities

Choosing the right PoE solution is critical given the specific barriers associated with deploying and operating in an environment, especially those resilient enough to withstand natural disasters. Microchip PoE meets these obstacles head-on and distinguishes itself by proficiently powering networks in remote and demanding environments, ensuring consistent communications, uninterrupted connectivity, and security. Tailored to the specific requirements of outdoor installations, Microchip’s PoE midspans and switches are waterproof, surge-protected, and temperature-resistant to ensure robust performance even in harsh conditions.

Network Security is a Must

As cities become more connected, network security becomes critical in protecting infrastructure and citizen privacy. Microchip’s PDS-204GCO outdoor PoE switch is a next-generation solution that provides enhanced network protection and network availability for mission-critical outdoor applications. With features such as endpoint authentication, traffic policy management, and DoS attack protection, the PDS-204GCO secures data within the switch while protecting the management and configuration process.

Microchip’s PDS-204GCO is a next-generation, IEEE 802.3bt-compliant outdoor PoE switch that meets the highest standards for outdoor environments and can be easily installed without opening the device.

Implementing PoE to Enhance Public Safety

Collaboration between industry giants such as Microchip and system integrators plays a critical role in addressing barriers to smart city deployment and raising the bar for public safety. This synergy was demonstrated when a municipal customer hired Active Solutions to deploy a complex outdoor IP video system across multiple city sites. The project required a robust PoE solution that could withstand outdoor conditions and high power demands. Microchip’s top-of-the-line outdoor PoE switches were the ideal choice, known for their reliability and security features that ensure seamless, secure implementation of surveillance installations in challenging environments.

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