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Mastering Your Projects with Multi-Purpose Metal Panels: A DIY-Friendly Versatile Material

PBR Siding Panel

Designed with the DIYer in mind, Multi-Purpose panels are made for any project you’ve got on your to-do list. These panels are built for durability and longevity. Adaptable and easy to install, Multi-Purpose panels are made for general use.

What Are Multi-Purpose Panels?

Multi-Purpose panels are a type of metal panel profile that use exposed fasteners and are designed for general use. They’re easy to install and are typically a more economical choice when compared to other panel options.

What Multi-Purpose Panel Profiles Are Available?

There are typically three Multi-Purpose Panel Profiles available, including 3’ Tuff Rib, Platte River, and Purlin Bearing Rib. Each of these panels use an exposed fastener system and their differences are mainly in the design and style of the panels themselves.

3″ Tuff Rib

Originally designed to work hard in agricultural settings, Tuff Rib has made its way into both residential and commercial builds — and for good reason. It’s considered to be a jack-of-all-trades panel, meaning it can be used for roofing, siding, accents, and interior applications. You’ll love the versatility and toughness Tuff Rib gives your project.

You may also want to know this information about Tuff Rib panels:

  • Available in 26 and 29 gauge (thickness of the panel)
  • Finished coverage is 36”
  • Rib height is 3/4″at 9″ Centers
  • Has an anti-siphon groove for ultimate weather tightness

Platte River

One of the most affordable and stylish panels, Platte River adds the perfect pop of texture without being too overpowering. It adds a simple, industrial flare to any home or building. The long clean lines and subtle rib make it a perfect panel for siding, wall, and accent projects.

Here are some need-to-know facts about Platte River panels:

  • Available in 26 and 29 gauge
  • Finished coverage is 36”
  • Not recommended for roofing
  • Rib height: 1/4″ at 4″ Centers

Purlin Bearing Rib

Purlin Bearing Rib, or PBR, panels are one of the strongest exposed fastener panels on the market. They’re able to be used over open purlins, can give a project a real modern touch of industrial flare, and are ideal in any environment. Even in the toughest types of weather conditions, the PBR panel holds up extremely well and its toughness cannot go unnoticed.

You may also want to know this information about PBR panels:

  • Available in 26 gauge
  • Finished coverage: 36”
  • Comes with 5 degree overbend on overlap & anti-siphon groove for superior weather tightness
  • Rib height: 1.25″ at 12″ Centers

Advantages of Multi-Purpose Panels

Multi-Purpose panels have quite a few benefits compared to other panel types and materials. Here are just a few:

Easy to Install — Since these panels all use exposed fasteners, which means all the hardware used to secure the panels to the structure are able to be seen after installation, it makes installing them a breeze. There are no specialty tools required. You just drive the screws through the face of the panel into your substrate — simple as that.

Durability — Metal panels are known for the toughness and amazing performance, and Multi-Purpose panels are no exception. They’re built to last. No matter what type of project you have on your to-do list, they’re up for the test. You can expect your panels to last between 40-70 years, and even longer when they’re used for interior projects.

Affordable — Out of different metal panels available, Multi-Purpose continues to be the most affordable options. This makes them a great choice for projects on a budget. If you’re looking for long-lasting materials at an economical price, these are the perfect choice.

DIY Friendly — Due to their ease of installation, these panels are ideal for DIYers. They’re known for their adaptability and easy-to-use qualities, making them a favorite for those looking to install themselves.

Examples of Multi-Purpose Panels in Use

Stuck on deciding which profile would look best with your project? Take a look at just a few examples of the different Multi-Purpose panel profiles in use.

PBR Roof
This building combined PBR and Corrugated panels to create a unique look.
Platte River Panel
If you’re looking for a tough material to build your outbuildings, garages, or sheds with, Platte River is ideal. It’s tough and looks great.
3" Tuff Rib
This building paired Tuff Rib siding with natural elements like stone for a beautiful aesthetic.

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