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Highlighted by NVIDIA, Ninebot Robot Continues to Stir Up the Landscape of Intelligent Delivery in the Hotel Industry

Ninebot robot

From March 26th to 29th, 2024, the Shanghai International Hotel and Commercial Space Expo was held in Shanghai. As a leading global company in the field of innovative short-distance transportation and service robots, Ninebot, a subsidiary of Ninebot Company, showcased its robot products tailored for hotel and restaurant scenarios, including the Ninebot Flying Saucer Delivery Robot, Ninebot Cube Delivery Robot, Ninebot Baobao Meal Delivery Robot, as well as intelligent electric bicycles, electric scooters, and other short-distance transportation products. This presentation marked the debut of the industry’s first “Robot + Smart Tourism Solution”. Additionally, a “NVIDIA Zone” was set up onsite, showcasing the Nova Carter AMR, an autonomous mobile robot platform jointly developed with NVIDIA, which can be further developed for use in warehousing logistics, indoor and outdoor delivery, and other fields.

According to Latest, it is worth noting that Ninebot Robot also appeared simultaneously at the exhibition booths of leading industry partners such as Huazhu Hotels Group, Xiezhu Technology, Yunshanzhu, Xielv, and Hongfeng Hotels Group, demonstrating its comprehensive capabilities for upgrading commercial spaces in the new era of hotels. According to Ji Yafei, General Manager of the Commercial Service Robot Business Unit of Ninebot Company, “With the company’s comprehensive product matrix in the short-distance transportation and robot fields, as well as an annual shipment volume in the millions, we not only offer the most cost-effective choices for scenarios such as hotels, but also meet the needs of hotel guests in leisure, entertainment, and short trips, providing overflow value beyond professional terminal delivery for the construction of smart tourism hotels.” He further emphasized that “the core of Ninebot Robot’s operation lies in focusing on real user needs and continuously creating true value.”

Ninebot robot product
Ninebot Robot Product

In recent years, the hotel industry’s pursuit of intelligent services has formed a consensus, making hotel delivery robots almost standard equipment, leading to a period of rapid prosperity in the industry. However, as the market gradually becomes more rational, the development of hotel robots has begun to cool down, with the market paying more attention to the true value of cost reduction and efficiency improvement brought by robots to scenario providers. According to current market feedback, most service robot companies have failed to accurately grasp the pain points of customers such as hotels, still using traditional methods such as increasing hardware configurations, reducing prices, and gimmicks to expand market share. Ninebot Robot also found in practical research that many hotels focus on product stability, the ability to recognize complex scenes, procurement costs, post-maintenance, and whether the operation side has long-term development potential when introducing terminal delivery robots.

This also indicates that scenario providers such as hotels pay more attention to the delivery capability of robots themselves and the reliability of overall operation and maintenance, rather than treating robots as gimmicks to attract customers. The structural transformation of market demand poses higher requirements for robots in various aspects such as technology and market operation and maintenance. Industry experts believe that the core of delivery robots lies in delivery, and optimizing this function to the extreme is the cornerstone of product value and the focus of customers. In terms of product quality, supply stability, and after-sales service, it is also necessary to ensure that the actual needs of customers such as hotels are met. Finally, the price of robots should be reasonable, the quality should be excellent, and they should provide additional value beyond delivery services for hotels, rather than being marketing gimmicks.

From this perspective, Ninebot Robot may have advantages. On the one hand, Ninebot Robot was founded in 2016, but Ninebot Company began research and development of robot technology since its establishment in 2012, accumulating over 4,300 core intellectual property rights globally, including many internationally leading core robot technologies, giving it a first-mover advantage in technology. The industry-leading VILO-SLAM 2.0 navigation system carried by its latest products such as Ninebot Flying Saucer Delivery Robot and Baobao Meal Delivery Robot is independently developed by Ninebot Company, which can accurately recognize and understand the robot’s operating environment, greatly enhance obstacle avoidance capability, and avoid common problems such as signal loss or system crashes. Even in completely unfamiliar environments, it can quickly adapt and return to the predetermined path, addressing concerns in the market about obstacle avoidance and recognition of special environments by robots.

VILO SLAM 2.0 navigation system
The VILO-SLAM 2.0 navigation system independently developed by Ninebot Robot

On the other hand, backed by a mature supply chain system with an annual production capacity of over tens of millions of units and as a global leader in innovative short-distance transportation and service robots, Ninebot Company’s support value in key aspects such as brand and cash flow makes Ninebot Robot more stable and reliable in its daily operations, enabling it to provide scenario providers such as hotels with more long-term and high-value-for-money service options. As of now, Ninebot Robot has established the most extensive service network in the industry nationwide, with over 200 service stations, ensuring fast and reliable service response. Last year, Ninebot Robot also launched the “Double Hundred” plan to select 100 channel partners and provide services with a score of 100, further enhancing its service level. NVIDIA has also publicly stated that the reason for choosing to jointly develop robots with Ninebot Robot is because of its deep accumulation of technology and the brand influence and market channel capabilities of Ninebot Company globally.

Therefore, compared with companies of the same type, Ninebot Robot not only has higher product stability and faster demand response, but also benefits from its leading industry’s core technological accumulation, making it more adaptable to special environments and more in line with the essential requirements of the market for delivery robots. It can truly liberate employees from simple and high-frequency repetitive work and engage in higher-value work that can enhance service levels, thus bringing real cost reduction and efficiency improvement value to scenario providers such as hotels. Faced with the demands of hotels in smart tourism, leisure and entertainment, and short-distance travel, Ninebot Robot, with the support of Ninebot Company’s intelligent electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric balance cars, ORV all-terrain vehicles, intelligent lawn mowers, and other product lines, has formed a matrix layout with delivery robots, continuously enhancing the hotel stay experience and creating overflow value beyond terminal delivery.

It is precisely because of the empowering value for hotel intelligent service construction and the high focus on delivery robot field that Ninebot Robot has established deep cooperative relationships with well-known hotel groups such as Hilton, Marriott, Jinjiang, InterContinental, Yado, Shangmei, and Greenland, becoming one of the preferred solution providers for hotel intelligent construction. “It is the trust of these important ecological partners in Ninebot Robot that makes us a key player in hotel service intelligent solution,” said Ji Yafei at the China Hotel Investment and Development Summit Forum and Savile Hotel Brand Franchise Docking Summit held concurrently, “Ninebot Robot will continue to work with ecological partners to jointly open a new chapter in intelligent hotel service and unleash more extensive innovative value.”

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