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Debunking the Myth: Metal Roofs and Rainstorms

Leaky Roof

Metal roofs have always been perceived as being noisy — especially when it rains. This perception usually comes from people who have stood under a barn or shed with a metal roof during a storm and heard the raindrops hitting a roof with no underlayment or insulation beneath the panels.

The way roofs are installed over residential homes is a lot different than the way they’re installed over secondary structures. This installation process makes metals roofs just as quiet as other roofing materials during thunderstorms.

The Truth

When it comes to secondary structures, like barns and sheds, metal panels are installed directly over the frame. With nothing other than the roof and building frame, of course the sound of rain is loud. When a metal roof is installed over a residential home, however, it’s quite different.

How it Works

A metal roof isn’t just slapped down onto your home’s frame. There are multiple layers used in order to offer more protection, insulation, and reduce noise.

In most cases, a solid wood decking or sheathing layer is laid down first. It is advisable to remove any previous roofing materials before installing a new roof, that way any issues like mold or leaks that may cause bigger issues later on can be found and taken care of before the metal is installed.

Next, a layer of underlayment is laid down. Underlayment is a secondary waterproofing material that’s installed between the substrate (or decking) and the metal panels themselves. Even if you choose to install the metal over old roofing materials like shingles, underlayment is required by code. Then finally, the metal panels are laid down and secured.

Most homes attic spaces are then even further insulated, which is the biggest factor that reduces noise even more. Insulation absorbs noise from rain with ease. With three layers and lots of insulation to absorb and muffle sounds, most homeowners have found their metal roofs to be just as quiet as other materials.

Why More Are Choosing Metal

It’s been a long-standing myth that metal roofs can be noisy, especially in the rain. However, with three layers of protection and extra insulation, that myth couldn’t be further from the truth!

More and more homeowners are turning to metal roofs for their new builds and re-reroofing projects. Not only is metal quiet in the rain, but it’s extremely strong and durable, has a lifespan of 40-70 years, and helps homeowners reduce their monthly heating and cooling costs by up to 25%. Worrying about your metal roof being noisy is rainy weather is a thing of the past.

If you’re interested in learning more about residential metal roofs, please check out our previous update 7 Common Metal Roofing Myths Debunked.

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