Thursday , 18 April 2024

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Grape Season Opens: South African Exports Temporarily Lag

Currently, in the middle of the southern hemisphere’s raisin production and export season, South African raisin production for the 23/24 season is expected...

Yara sustainability inpecting stalks

Yara Amplix: Aiding Crops in Extreme Weather, Enhancing Nutrient Efficiency

Climate change is threatening the yields of the world’s major crops, including maize, tomatoes, and wheat. The Earth’s average temperature has risen by...


Panama Canal Drought to Delay U.S. Grain Shipments Until 2024

Bulk grain shippers transporting crops from US Gulf Coast export centers to Asia are sailing longer routes and paying higher freight rates to...

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions

BASF Announces Strategy Progress and Commits to 3.1 Carbon Reduction

BASF is on its way to net-zero emissions and is committed to the Scope 3.1 carbon reduction target. At an investor and analyst...

Soil health

6 Leading Technologies: Global Soil Microbial Health Industry Chain

Soil is a complex and active ecosystem. The soil microbiome is an umbrella term for all microorganisms in the soil and their habitats....


Agricultural Biotechnology: Competitive Landscape and Innovative Trends

Agricultural biotechnology refers to the genetic modification of living plants, animals, microorganisms, and other organisms used for agricultural purposes (e.g. food, feed, fiber)...