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Canadian Driver Sues Teenager She Killed in Automobile Accident


On a dark, drizzly night, three boys set out on their bikes for late-night hot dogs that ended in an accident with an SUV that left one boy dead and another severely injured. Brandon Majewski was struck from behind and killed by Sharlene Simon, and now she’s suing him.

According to the Toronto Sun, the Majewski family lawyer is stunned. “In all of my years as a lawyer,” he told them, “I have never seen anyone sue a child that [she] killed.” He didn’t want to tell them over the phone, so he called in Brandon’s parents and step-parents to tell them in person.

The Sun says that Simon who was not suspected of any wrongdoing nor intoxication at the scene of the accident—is suing Brandon for “emotional trauma she says she has suffered.” She is also suing the two surviving victims and their families. The claim filed in court blames the accident on the boys, calling them “incompetent bicyclists.”

As if this story couldn’t get any worse, Simon also names in the suit Brandon’s older brother Devon. The problem here is that about six months after Brandon’s death, Devon was found dead by his father Derek after a night of mixing drink and pills. It wasn’t a suicide, Derek believes, but an accident. Simon is suing him, too.

Another interesting detail is that Simon’s husband Jules Simon, a York Regional Police officer, was driving behind his wife that night. Although the Sun says, “little is mentioned about him as a witness in the police report.” He pulled over when the accident happened and then drove his wife home in his vehicle. Sharlene Simon was speeding about six miles per hour over the posted limit.

According to The Huffington Post, the family is countersuing Simon for $900,000. Simon is asking for $1.35 million in damages.

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