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Beijing, China to Release First-Generation Universal Open Humanoid Robot Soon

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According to the latest reports, at the beginning of the year, China’s Beijing Robotics Industry Development Investment Fund was registered in the Jingkai District, which will help Beijing build a world-leading humanoid robotics industry development highland. Recently, good news came from the Beijing Humanoid Robotics Innovation Centre, which will release the first generation of general-purpose open humanoid robot bodies shortly.

Reportedly, the humanoid robot integrates artificial intelligence, high-end manufacturing, new materials, and other advanced technologies, and is expected to become a disruptive product following computers, smartphones, and new energy vehicles, profoundly transforming the way human production and life, and reshaping the pattern of global industrial development. As the convergence high point of the humanoid robot industry, at the end of 2023, Beijing Humanoid Robot Innovation Centre Co., Ltd. was formally established, which is jointly formed by the leading enterprises and institutions in the humanoid robot industry, including Xiaomi Robotics, Ubiquitous Technology, Jingcheng Electromechanical, Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc., and gathers a large number of top experts and technological research and development personnel in the humanoid robot industry, and the center has a very strong technical research, product development and application promotion capabilities. The center has strong technical research, product development, and application promotion capabilities.

The person in charge of the Beijing Humanoid Robotics Innovation Centre introduced that the center mainly focuses on the core components of humanoid robots, universal ontology, universal large model, motion control system, toolchain, and open source community to carry out technological research on the shortcomings and pain points of the humanoid robot industry, which will create a common technology platform, public service platform and standardization of humanoid robots for the industry as a whole.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued the “Guidelines for the Innovative Development of Humanoid Robots” in November last year, proposing that by 2025, a humanoid robot innovation system will be initially established, and breakthroughs will be made in several key technologies, such as “brain, cerebellum, and limbs”, to ensure that the core parts and components will be supplied safely and effectively.

At the same time, the whole product will reach the international advanced level achieve mass production, and be demonstrated and applied in special, manufacturing, and livelihood service scenarios, as well as exploring the formation of effective governance mechanisms and means. Cultivate 2-3 ecological enterprises with global influence and a batch of specialized small and medium-sized enterprises, create 2-3 industrial development clusters, and nurture and develop a batch of new businesses, modes, and forms.

By 2027, the technological innovation capability of humanoid robots will be significantly improved, a safe and reliable industrial chain supply chain system will be formed, an industrial ecology with international competitiveness will be built, and the comprehensive strength will reach the world’s advanced level. The industry will accelerate large-scale development, with richer application scenarios, and related products will be deeply integrated into the real economy, becoming an important new engine of economic growth.

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