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Top 5 Colors Trending for Homes in 2024

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Half of 2024 has passed, today we will start thinking about home latest trends that will be popping up in the second half of the year — specifically what colors we’re going to be seeing. If you’re planning some home projects for the upcoming year, you may be curious about what colors are going to be popular this year. Let’s explore the top five colors trending for homes this year for both interior and exterior projects.

Elegant Neutrals

As expected, neutral colors are continuing to be popular for 2024. The versatility of neutrals makes them an easy choice for both interior and exterior use. Neutrals by themselves create a classic and clean look, or you can pair them with a brighter bolder accent color to make it pop. Either way, here are the neutral colors that are trending in 2024.

Light Grey

Light Grey — Probably the most easy-to-match shade out there, Light Grey will be a great choice for both interior and exterior use in the upcoming year. Providing homeowners with a modern touch and classic coolness, Light Grey creates an unmatchable aesthetic that pairs well with virtually any home style.


Beige — The perfect warm neutral shade, Beige complements almost any other color you put it beside. Use it to make a bold color pop, or pair it with another neutral for a warm, cozy feel. Regardless, Beige is going to be a staple color for home projects because it’s so versatile.

Bold Statements

Whether you want a bold color for an entire roof, as your trim, or just as an accent, using bold and vibrant colors will be a huge trend for 2024. Bold colors make the perfect contrast to neutrals or easily stand out by themselves.


Black — Bold and brilliant, Black is an easy choice for interior and exterior home use this coming year.  It’s the ultimate color for modern style, and makes a perfect accent wall inside the home, or makes the ideal bold color for a roof. Effortlessly cool and clean, Black will be making a big statement this year on all types of home aesthetics.


Burgund — Hearty and earthy-toned Burgundy is on the rise for a trending color for 2024. The deep, reddish-brown shade makes a bold statement whether you use it on the interior or exterior of your home. If you’re aiming for a more sophisticated, rustic shade of red, this is your match made in heaven.

Sage Green

Sage Green — Build an earthy palette with Sage Green as your foundation color or accent color. Bring a sense of nature to your home with this organic shade. Perfect for invoking a sense of calmness inside or subtly blending in with the outside, this hue is going to be one of the most popular shades in 2024.

Inspiring Examples 

This home chose to accent their Light Grey metal siding with some Dark Grey panels, creating a crisp, modern look.

Light Grey exterior panels

The use of Beige on this building’s soffit panels makes the bold, Bright Red of the rest of the building stand out.

Beige exterior use

Does it get any more modern and sharper looking than using Black metal siding panels on your building? We don’t think so!

Black exterior metal siding panels


These trending colors for 2024 offer a mix of elegance and boldness, allowing homeowners to create stylish and contemporary looks. Whether you’re refreshing your interiors or upgrading your exterior, these colors provide a perfect blend of modernity and timeless appeal.

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