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2024’s Top 10 Coolest Black Technologies

Black technology

The global consumer electronics trendsetter CES 2024 has been underway for three days. At this long-awaited annual technology event, over 4,000 companies showcased their prowess, enthusiastically presenting their most proficient technological products and cutting-edge innovations to visitors. Latest has been traversing through various exhibition venues for several days, bringing a series of in-depth coverage of CES 2024. Here’s a look at some creative technological product observations.

On January 12th, Latest reported that CES, the annual Consumer Electronics Show in the United States, has always been a platform for innovative and imaginative technological products, and this year is no exception. At CES 2024, after several days of observation, Latest discovered many dazzling new species of technology.

Some of them create new carriers for AI, claiming to “replace mobile apps”; some infuse common household items with technological imagination, even turning mirrors into “psychological experts”; and others play with functional combinations, turning lipstick into a mobile health diagnostic tool.

Earlier, Latest had brought comprehensive coverage of the exhibition (roaming CES with 30,000 steps: AI sweeping everything, 8 hottest directions), and it was rumored that this year’s exhibitors exceeded 4,000, with over 130,000 attendees. Many fresh cross-border technological innovations were showcased at the venue, ranging from AI to wearable devices, from smart appliances to digital health. Almost every field had some eye-catching black technology products that made people couldn’t help but exclaim “Amazing.”

Latest has been continuously traversing the CES exhibition site in Las Vegas for several days, combining on-site observations with the CES 2024 Innovation Awards list to select the top ten creative “technological new species.” Let’s take a look at what tricks manufacturers have come up with this year.

Pocket AI Device Challenging AI Pin, 10,000 Units Sold Out in a Day

Last November, former Apple design director launched Ai Pin, becoming one of the representatives of new forms of intelligent wearable devices.

Now, Raven Technology founder Lv Cheng introduced a brand-new AI hardware that aims to “replace mobile apps.”

Lv Cheng’s new company Rabbit has launched R1, a new AI-driven hardware, about half the size of an iPhone. Users do not need applications or logins, just simple inquiries to perform operations such as queries, music playback, taxi hailing, shopping, and messaging.


R1 features a 2.88-inch touchscreen, equipped with a rotating camera for shooting and an interactive roller button.

In terms of configuration, R1 is equipped with a 2.3GHz MediaTek processor, 4GB of memory, and 128GB of storage space, with a claimed battery life of up to a whole day.

R1 runs on the Rabbit OS operating system internally. According to Lv Cheng, Rabbit OS is based on the “Large Action Model” (LAM), rather than a large language model similar to ChatGPT.

R1 operation interface

It is reported that LAM is trained through human interaction with applications and can learn how to set icons, confirm orders, and find search menus. R1 also has a dedicated training mode that users can use to teach the device how to do something, and it can then repeat the action by itself.

R1 is priced at $199 (approximately RMB 1,426). After its debut at CES, it attracted a lot of attention and the first batch of 10,000 units was sold out within a day. Rabbit officials excitedly announced on the social platform X that this sales volume was 20 times their expected amount.

R1 10000 units sold out

The second batch of R1 has also opened for pre-order, and it is expected to be shipped in April or May.

Indoor “Wind Turbines” Make Walking 10+ Kilometers Effortless

Some startups put advanced technology into shoes, claiming to have the fastest shoes in the world.

Moonwalkers shoes are mobile walking devices launched by the American startup Shift Robotics in the spring of last year, equipped with sensors and AI technology, capable of achieving 2.5 times the walking speed, with a maximum speed of 7 miles per hour (approximately 11.3 kilometers per hour).

Moonwalker X

This time at CES, Shift Robotics showcased their latest shoe model, the Moonwalker X, designed specifically for indoor use and suitable for large-scale walking workers such as warehouse personnel, bringing more than 2 times productivity improvement.

Compared to the previous generation, Moonwalker X has reduced the number of wheels from 10 to 6, and the weight of each shoe has been reduced by one pound. Its AI control system, ShiftOS, has been updated to version 2.0, further enhancing control safety and flexibility.

Moonwalker X usage

In terms of speed, the new Moonwalker X is said to have a maximum speed of 9 miles (approximately 14.5 kilometers) per hour and can travel for about an hour on a single charge.

100% Transparent Glass Can Generate Electricity, Usable on Sunny and Cloudy Days Alike

When it comes to solar panels, you may already have an image of those black, grid-like rectangles in your mind.

Japanese company inQs breaks tradition and develops an innovative SQPV glass that can collect light energy and convert it into electricity.

SQPV glass consists of two pieces of conductive glass and an intermediate layer of nano-materials. It can not only use sunlight but also harness the energy of invisible light, even generating electricity in dimly lit indoor environments. Both sides of the glass can collect light energy, and the nano-materials inside are used to generate electricity.

According to inQs, the materials used in SQPV glass do not contain rare earth metals, making them easy to find and recycle.

SQPV glass supplies power to the small fan

SQPV glass has not only won the CES Innovation Awards in the fields of smart homes, sustainable development, ecological design, and smart energy but also won the Best Innovation Award for Smart Cities at CES. At the venue, inQs not only demonstrated SQPV glass powering a small fan but also designed a beautifully artistic installation, using glass to create a cube, with a small lamp hanging in the middle shining under the power supply of the cube.

SQPV glass supplies power to the light

“Magic Mirror” Becomes Reality? Recognizing Emotions and Relieving Stress

French startup Baracoda also showcases its prowess on “glass,” launching what is claimed to be the world’s first AI-driven smart mirror BMind, capable of recognizing gestures, voice, and monitoring user emotions, winning the CES Innovation Award in the smart home field.


This mirror is equipped with the CareOS operating system, using a technology called “Inclusive Brains,” which combines generative AI with neurophysiology. Based on the user’s mood, it automatically adjusts lighting, sound, and display in response, providing personalized recommendations such as light therapy and meditation.

Diagnosis, Care, and Makeup All in One

AI’s “carpet-style” landing extends even to lipstick. Korean cosmetics company Amorepacific has launched a Lipcure Beam, a three-in-one beauty device that can meet all the needs of lip diagnosis, care, and makeup on one device.

Lipcure Beam’s cover is equipped with a precision sensor that detects lip moisture content and provides diagnostic results. When the cover is removed, it transforms into a makeup tool, and the brush head emits special visible light, enhancing collagen fibers in the lips through a reaction with natural vitamins, forming a moisturizing barrier to help with lip care.

Lipcure Beam

Lipcure Beam is equipped with a precision sensor on its cover, which can detect the moisture content of the lips and provide diagnostic results. When the cover is removed, it transforms into a makeup tool; the brush head emits special visible light, which, through a reaction with a natural vitamin, enhances the collagen fibers of the lips, forming a moisturizing barrier to help with lip care.

It’s worth mentioning that Amorepacific has won the CES Innovation Award for five consecutive years, with a total of eight products, including Lipcure Beam, being awarded. Previously selected products include 3D printing mask manufacturing technology, color-customized lipstick manufacturing intelligent system, functional makeup water instant customization device, personalized bath bomb service, skin detection platform, customized makeup intelligent production system “Skin Artist,” and customized skincare device “Beauty Chip.”

ChatGPT Enters Reality, 4 Screens Create a Concrete Large Model

Have you ever wondered what form AI assistants would take in the real world?

WeHead has introduced a new form of display device that “concretizes” large models like ChatGPT.

It consists of four 5.8-inch screens combined to “see” users and engage in spontaneous conversations with them. It enhances this experience by controlling 3D devices through an AI Agent, rotating the robot’s head, and mimicking human non-verbal communication.

WeHead won the CES Innovation Award in the AI field, and the award describes it as follows: When humans enter the virtual world through digital avatars, WeHead provides digital human developers with the possibility of bringing AI Agents into the real world through physical devices.

Wehead display device

However, perhaps because this form awkwardly straddles the line between “real” and “virtual,” it seems to create a certain uncanny valley effect. From the feedback at the scene, most users described it as “creepy,” “terrifying,” “repulsive,” and other negative comments, saying, “This is not the AI companion we want to see in 2024.”

Although it may seem unbelievable, WeHead is not just a concept product. It is being sold for $4950 (approximately ¥35477), or you can choose to rent one for a monthly fee of $199 – just in case you find it useful.

Immersive Listening to music, Holographic Speakers Visualize Lyrics

If visualizing large models is what WeHead aims to do, then the following product attempts to visualize music.

A company from China, Haloasis, has launched the Haloasis A1 holographic lyric speaker, which provides an immersive audiovisual experience through holographic display.

Haloasis A1, with a diameter of 14 cm and a width of 28.8 cm, is based on POV (Persistence of Vision) technology, using micro-LEDs to create a display, equipped with a 360-degree transparent screen, and providing various display modes with a display accuracy of up to 70 PPI (Pixels Per Inch).

Haloasis A1 holographic lyric speaker

It can be operated remotely using a smartphone. In addition to being used as a speaker, it can also serve as a transparent screen to display information such as weather and time, providing excellent visual effects even if used only as a decoration.

Other applications of Haloasis A1

The company behind this speaker currently has no publicly available detailed information. Its official X account was also registered in January, with coordinates showing in Nanjing.

Official X account of Haloasis company

“Bringing Warmth with Cats? Ask the Smart Cat Door First

Those who have owned cats may know that some cats like to bring “gifts” to their owners—perhaps a mouse or a lizard. Although cats mean well, these “foreign creatures” may carry bacteria.

To address this issue, Swiss startup Flapie has introduced a smart cat door called Flappie, designed to filter out the hunting trophies that cats bring in from outdoors.

Smart cat door flappie

It uses RFID chips and AI technology to identify cats. Once it detects a cat carrying prey, it notifies the user on their phone and even labels the type of trophy. Users can then choose whether to open the door.

Retro Fun with Smartphone Accessories, External Keyboard Saves 50% of Screen Space

If you consider yourself an “old-school” smartphone user, the external keyboard introduced by Clicks London might satisfy your physical keyboard needs.

Clicks for iPhone

Clicks for iPhone provides an expanded 26-key physical keyboard that seamlessly integrates with the iPhone. Users don’t need to activate the virtual keyboard, thus saving 50% of the smartphone screen space, and it can also be used as shortcut keys.

“Wearable Oven” Weighs Only 280 Grams, Enjoy Hot Food Anytime, Anywhere

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary canvas bag.


In reality, it’s a “magical” backpack that can heat food inside it to 80 degrees Celsius in just 5 minutes.

Willcook is a “portable oven” launched by the Japanese company Willtex, also known as a “microwave bag”. It is made of a new type of heat-conductive fabric developed by the Japanese company Sanki Consys, and it is the world’s first portable fabric bag with intelligent temperature control function.

Willcook weighs only 160 grams, equivalent to about the weight of 3 eggs; plus a 120g special battery, the total weight is only 280 grams. When powered on, Willcook can reach 90 degrees Celsius in 10 minutes and 130 degrees Celsius in 20 minutes.

Willtex Willcook

The CES Best Innovation Award in the home appliance category was awarded to Willcook. After all, what could be happier than enjoying warm rice balls and a warm drink on a cold winter day?

At this CES, we see AI bringing more forms, interaction methods, and richer functions to consumer electronics. Many startups are constantly innovating in traditional fields. While tech giants are busy with “insourcing” large models, chips, and hardware, many startups are taking a different approach, attracting a lot of attention with interesting ideas.

Whether these cutting-edge technologies are creative or just gimmicks, they bring new vitality to the consumer electronics industry. In the future, we look forward to seeing more fun and fresh “gadgets,” and we hope they can truly enter the market and change people’s lives.

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