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Latest Influential Automation Technologies in 2024

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The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers recently released a report, “Technology Impact in 2024 and Beyond An IEEE Global Study,” which identifies which technologies will have a significant impact in 2024. The report is based on an IEEE survey conducted on 19-23 September 2023 of 350 CIOs, CTOs, IT directors, and technology leaders at organizations with more than 1,000 employees across multiple industries in the US, China, the UK, India, and Brazil.

AI Will Be The Most Important Technology Sector

Unsurprisingly, Artificial Intelligence is expected to be the technology that will have the biggest impact on the industry as a whole this year. Whether it’s creating realistic text, images, or music; automatically improving algorithms to mimic human decision-making using artificial neural networks; or automating text translation and speech recognition, AI applications will continue to expand and become more widespread.

Sixty-five percent of respondents to this IEEE survey expect AI (including predictive and generative AI, machine learning, and natural language processing) to be the leading technology change factor.

The next two most influential technologies are:
● Extended reality and metaverse, including augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality, for 28 percent of respondents.
● 24 percent of respondents identified cloud computing.

According to the IEEE report, AI applications and algorithms that can optimize data, perform complex tasks, and make decisions with human-like accuracy will be used by the industry in a variety of ways. Some of the major potential applications of AI in industry in 2024 are expected to include:
● Real-time cybersecurity vulnerability identification and attack prevention;
● Improving supply chain and warehouse automation efficiency;
● Assisting and accelerating software development;
● Automating customer service.

AI and other technologies that promote sustainability will also continue to be a priority. More than 90% of respondents cited priority SDGs for 2024 and beyond.

Virtual simulation using extended reality and digital twins to more efficiently design, develop, and test product prototypes and manufacturing processes will also become increasingly important in 2024, according to more than 60 percent of respondents.

While generative AI dominates the current technology landscape, the IEEE report shows that other computing technologies such as quantum computing will also have a significant impact in 2024. Nearly 90 percent of respondents believe that quantum computing will gain more attention due to its higher computing power, especially in the areas of encryption and cybersecurity.

Ultra-high-speed Communications

With the proliferation of mobile communications, almost everything in the world is now connected, 5G is bringing faster data transfer rates in wireless networks, and 6G is on the way.

As for 5G technology, which has long been recognized as having a major impact on the industry, 27 percent expect it to have an impact on manufacturing and assembly operations by 2024 (up from 25 percent in 2023), and 30 percent expect the technology to play a role in reducing carbon footprints and improving energy efficiency (up from 23 percent in 2023).

Cybersecurity Concerns Remain

The top three cybersecurity concerns in 2024 remain the same as last year: data center vulnerabilities, cloud vulnerabilities, and security issues related to mobile and hybrid employees/employees with owned devices.

However, other cybersecurity issues will rise in 2024, including ransomware attacks (37% in 2024, up from 0% in 2023), phishing attacks (35% in 2024, up from 25% in 2023) and insider threats (26% in 2024, up from 19% in 2023).

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