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Stellantis Ventures Invests in Sodium-Ion Tech

The batteries, free of lithium and cobalt, have been heralded by some as the future of sustainable energy storage. Stellantis Ventures, the corporate...

Bionic bird drone

Bionic Bird Drone Enables Precision Aerial Hunting

Researchers from Stanford University and the University of Groningen in the United States have collaborated to enable a quadrotor UAV to grasp an...

AI and PC

AI Revolutionizes Computer Industry: Inaugural Year of AI PCs Begins

In 2023, the global emergence of generative artificial intelligence, represented by large models, sparked a “Battle of the Models,” with AIGC applications on...

EU new rules of usb

EU Implements New Rule, USB Type-C Takes the Lead!

USB-C is the “king” in the wired connection field. It provides bidirectional data transfer and power delivery. The interfaces at both ends of...

2024 CES

CES 2024 Showcases the New Trend: ‘AI+’ Dominates Consumer Electronics

Among the exhibitors are over 1,200 startups, the highest number in the history of the show. These exhibitors will showcase innovative technologies and...

Eastern durian

Thailand Expects 15% Surge in April Durian Production

Thailand’s durian exports for 2024 are about to begin in the next three months, according to Thai World News. According to preliminary estimates...

India made iphone

Strategic Move: Apple Suppliers Set to Source iPhone 16 Batteries from India

In an effort to diversify its supply chain and strengthen its influence in the emerging Indian market, Apple has instructed its component suppliers...


Grape Season Opens: South African Exports Temporarily Lag

Currently, in the middle of the southern hemisphere’s raisin production and export season, South African raisin production for the 23/24 season is expected...

Dissecting nidec motors

Dissecting Nidec Motors: Exploring the Inner Workings of Absolute Position Encoders

Recently, we disassembled the encoder system of a motor AV30 made by Nidec Avtron, which is specially designed for heavy loads, has an...

Microscopic humanoid cell robot

Human Cell-Based Micro ‘Robots’ Show Promise in Healing Neurons

Scientists have developed a novel type of “microscopic humanoid cell robot” named “Anthrobots.” These “robots” are created using human tracheal cells and can...