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5 Key Ways Metal Roofs Maximize Your Property Value

Cost-Effective Metal Roof

Metal roofs are a great investment for a property. They can help you save money on your heating and cooling costs because of their energy efficiency, they have an extremely impressive lifespan, and, of course, are unbelievably durable against even some of the toughest environments. However, some homeowners want to know — does all this mean that a metal roof will raise property value? Let’s find out.

Yes, In More Ways Than One!

Metal roofs can not only save you money in a few different ways, but they are also a great way to increase your home’s value. Here are five different ways metal roofing maximizes its value.

1. Increased Home Resale Value

A new roof on your home is a great way to increase your home’s value — especially if you’re looking to sell it. A metal roof can improve a home’s resale value by up to 6% compared to a home with an asphalt-shingle roof. Additionally, a report by Remodeling magazine shows a metal roof has a 61% return on investment. It’s true that a metal roof has higher upfront costs when compared to other roofing materials, but many homeowners find the costs to be worth it because of the many benefits associated with metal roofing.

Not only does a metal roof last between 40-70 years, they’re also extremely low maintenance, have stellar ratings for wind uplift and other harsh weather conditions, and provide a modern, stylish aesthetic that boosts curb appeal! All these added benefits are also extremely attractive to those looking to purchase a home. A metal roof really will improve a home’s resale value and maximize its own value.

2. Reduced Energy Costs

Metal roofing also has another valuable benefit — it can save homeowners money on heating and cooling costs. This is because metal roofs are extremely energy efficient. Their reflective qualities allow them to reflect the sun’s UV rays rather than absorbing them. On average, homeowners with a metal roof save between 10-25% on their energy costs.

3. Increased Protection

Many different regions are faced with weather conditions that can cause costly wear and tear to a roof. Damaging wind, rain, and even hail can have costly effects and shorten a roof’s lifespan. However, with a metal roof, you can rest easily knowing that steel panels are one of the most durable and tough roofing solutions on the market.

Metal roofs not only outperform and outlast other types of roofing materials, but a lot of different panel profiles have great ratings against harsh conditions. From high-speed wind to high snow volume to high impact areas, there is a metal panel out there that is built to last in your region’s conditions. Steel roofing can help prevent costly damage from storms and harsh weather that other materials just simply cannot stand up to.

4. Reduced Maintenance Costs

Metal roofs also maximize their value because of how low maintenance they are. Unlike other materials, metal panels don’t require bi-annual or even annual maintenance. That means no power washing, scrubbing, sealing, or other maintenance that costs you both time and money. No one wants to spend extra cash on cleaning or hiring someone to do so!

Metal roofing typically only requires an annual visual inspection to ensure it’s in tip-top shape. You don’t have to worry about cleaning shingle granules out of your gutters year after year, dealing with moss or fungus growth, or having to deal with any other tedious upkeep that other roofing materials require. If you ever find that your metal roof does need a little something to brighten it up, usually a garden hose and quick wipe down does the trick. Check out these tips for more information about metal’s low maintenance qualities.

5. Reduced Environmental Costs

Another added value benefit of metal roofing is that it helps to reduce other costly impacts on the environment, too. Steel is 100% recyclable, so it reduces costs on waste. Along with metal roofing’s incredible longevity, the need for replacement is much lower than other materials. So, again, waste is reduced. Since metal also is energy efficient, it is a truly sustainable material that also reduces environmental costs. Not only can a metal roof help you save money and increase your resale value, but it also can help you contribute to a brighter, better future.

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