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CES 24: Noteworthy Smart Farming Innovations

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During the recent week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, several companies showcased agricultural technology products. The exhibitors with an agricultural focus at CES appeared concentrated on harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence and data aggregation in areas such as farm technology, vehicle automation, electrification, and leveraging technology for promoting more sustainable production.

Here’s a quick roundup of displays at CES:

The Agtonomy Articulating Utility Tractor powers the Bobcat AT450X, emphasizing autonomous and electrified functionality. However, the true essence lies in an intuitive mobile app designed to streamline the tasking and management of these futuristic-looking tractors. Another noteworthy feature is the large interchangeable rear-mounted battery pack. In practice, the concept autonomously returns to the farm shop, exchanges a depleted battery for a fresh one, and then resumes its tasks.


Infinitum introduces the Aircore Mobility Liquid Cooled Engine Tech, revolutionizing conventional motor design. Instead of the typical iron core, Infinitum adopts a rotating layer of solid “stators” resembling circular plastic circuit boards. This redesign results in a more efficient, durable, intelligent, and lightweight engine. The Aircore technology is currently available for commercial use, with Chief Strategy Officer Bhavnesh Patel mentioning collaboration with an undisclosed ag equipment manufacturer in the Midwest to introduce these smart motors to corn country. Additionally, Patel notes their excellent performance in irrigation pump motors.


John Deere’s Technological Framework for Cotton Growers was a central focus at CES. The emphasis was threefold: the practical implementation of advanced technology throughout each stage of the cotton production cycle (applicable to corn and soybean farming as well); the utilization of this technology to facilitate more intelligent and quicker decision-making processes; and a persistent commitment to demonstrating that agricultural technology plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable production. Of particular interest to the tech-savvy media at CES was the display featuring a remotely drivable tractor. John Deere also presented an interactive LED floor illustrating “weeds in the field” in their See & Spray exhibit and integrated an “Easy Button” for earning compensation for sustainable practices into its Operations Center mobile app.

John deere

Kubota presents its Agri Concept Electric Vehicle Utility Tractor, combining an elegant design with a suite of intelligent farming technologies. This electrified conceptual tractor not only boasts fully autonomous operation—a common expectation for new electric tractor introductions—but also the capability to connect or swarm multiple tractors for a collaborative field task force. Beyond its autonomous return and fast-charging features, Kubota leadership asserts remarkably quick charge times, ranging from 10% to 80% in just 6 minutes, a significant factor for enhancing productivity and uptime. While the CES showcase featured a specialty crop/utility tractor concept, the potential for broader application in row crop scenarios is a possibility down the line.


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