Tuesday , 16 April 2024

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Dissecting nidec motors

Dissecting Nidec Motors: Exploring the Inner Workings of Absolute Position Encoders

Recently, we disassembled the encoder system of a motor AV30 made by Nidec Avtron, which is specially designed for heavy loads, has an...


Backside Power Innovation: New Technology from Intel at IEDM2023

As Moore's Law continues to advance, transistors are getting smaller and denser, with more layers in the stack. At this point, the details...

Digitization in the manufacturing industry

Digital Threads: Demystifying Digitization in the Manufacturing Industry

The development of 3D modeling technology has led to a revolution in mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD), allowing engineers to develop new products quickly,...


IO-Link Wireless: More Reliable, Real-Time Industrial Wireless Technology

What is IO-Link Wireless Technology? IO-Link Wireless is a global wireless communication standard designed for factory automation based on the IO-Link IEC 61131-9...