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Traditional Lithium Materials Are Being Abandoned

In recent years, scientists have made continuous efforts to develop a variety of new batteries to meet the growing energy demand and environmental...

Gmo corn

Genetically Modified Crops: The Ultimate Weapon for Global Food Security

The global area under genetically modified crops totaled 202.2 million hectares, or about 12 percent of the world’s total arable land, an increase...

Digital twin industrial technology

Unleashing the Power of Digital Twins: Predictive Maintenance

Employing advanced predictive maintenance strategies, helps manufacturing organizations ensure the proper design and safe operation of electrical systems. Managing the maintenance and operation...


FPGA Drives Technological Advancements in Automotive Cabin Experience

In today’s automotive industry, a wave of technological innovation is sweeping through at an unprecedented rate. We are witnessing the gradual transformation of...

Vietnam semiconductor manufacturing

Vietnam Intensifies Efforts to Attract Foreign Semiconductor Companies

Vietnam is aggressively pursuing a series of bounties and incentives to attract foreign semiconductor companies to invest in the country and further boost...

Wyss center synapsuit brain signals exosuit

Wyss Institute’s New Project Aims to Harness Brain Signals to Control Exoskeleton Suits

Researchers at the Wyss Center are working on a project to develop artificial intelligence algorithms that use brain signals to control lightweight garments....

Apple vision pro

Two Weeks After Apple’s Vision Pro Release: Returns, Headaches, and Meta’s “Swipes”

As Apple’s first head-mounted display device, the Vision Pro, regarded by CEO Tim Cook as ushering in the era of “spatial computing,” receives...

World first living robotic

World’s First Living Robot: Pioneering a New Era in Reproduction

Do robots necessarily have to be made of materials like metal, plastic, wood, or concrete? Last year, researchers from the University of Vermont...

Digital twin vs simulation

Digital Twin vs. Virtual Simulation

This article explores how simulation and digital twin software can accelerate digital transformation by enabling the concept, design, testing, training, installation, upgrade, and...


Ted Cruz Warns Voters That BBQ Will Be Illegal If Democrat Beto O’Rourke Wins Senate Election

Sen. Ted Cruz, who is locked in a close race for his seat with Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke, jokingly told his supporters over...